The worlds and the fears that was apart

The very essence of childhood is never forgotten. A memory, a scent, a certain feeling will never be lost in time, as the child transforms from the younger years of bliss to an older life of enduring hardships and burdens. Yet with his aging, memories are still alive in everyone. Many of the memories etched in the brain forever are caused by a parent or parents in the way they choose to raise their young sometimes creating a negative memory and also creating very positive, pleasant memories. Torn between the beliefs of two parents, Zora Neale Hurston is able to show both sides of childhood memories in her autobiography. Through diction and manipulation of point of view, Zora Neale Hurston conveys not only a plentiful and satisfying childhood within the bounds of her own childhood but also a sense of a childhood restricted by fears of the outside worlds and the fears that was apart of it. With a mother so strong and supporting, Hurston is able to use diction and point of view to entice readers with a sense of abundance and satisfaction within the walls of her own home.

Throughout the entire passage, Hurston uses such words that constantly imply a life of ease and words that accentuate the mother’s strong selfless spirit which in turn create the personality found in Zora. Starting off her autobiography she uses phrases such as, “we were never hungry” to enrich the sense of fulfillment. She had al she needed right in the comfort of her own home.

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All the food she ever needed was provided for her., the family even had more than they needed as shown through the quote, “any left-over eggs could always be used for missiles. Through the mother’s point of view and reassuring words Zora is able to mature as a strong, proud girl. Zora’s mother always believed in her, doubt was never apparent. Zora was praised by her mother at every chance she got. “Mama exhorted her children and every opportunity to ‘jump at de sun’”. With praise from a mother, Zora always felt capable and proud, nothing could stand in her way.

Though Zora’s mother wanted the best for her, she was also very protective. “Once or twice a year we might get permission to go and play at some other house”.Through the mother’s eyes, the house was seen as a safe place. Noted in the quote above, Zora was rarely allowed out. Though she was kept in the boundaries of her own yard, she still found.

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