The hordes of zombies threw out the

The zombie survival Max brooks247 pages “HE comes from the grave, his body a home of worms and filth. NO life in his eyes, no warmth of his skin, no beating of his breast. His soul as empty and dark as the night sky.

He laughs at the blade, spits at the arrow, for they will not harm his flesh. For eternity, he will walk the earth, smelling the sweet blood of the living, feasting upon the bones of the damned. BEWARE, FOR HE IS THE LIVING DEAD”THE story The zombie survival is a boy who starts seeing strange things happening in the city witch then start saying that a virus called “solanum” that kills you but then the virus somehow revives you and the boy and a man with an army have to fight the hordes of zombies threw out the city to go to a safer place…In this book I don’t think there is a theme it may give you tips on how to survive a zombie attack and how if you see strange things happening to people don’t just keep it to yourself. And tell someone about it. I think the author took to long to get to the end of the story. Becausein the story Henry (the boy) andJacob(the man) take to long to get out of the city.

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Like when they go to lookforweapons food go to different places, when they could of just drove out of the city. And also the author took to long for Henry to find all his family members, which was almost at the end.But I didlike the book a lot it had a lot of mystery and suspense. Like books that are about things that are supernatural I also liked the mystery behind the solanum virus that turned almost every body into a zombie. I also like how they are so detailed on describing thing for example “ON The side walks of a great city, where tall buildings hide their crowns above the clouds, I dispatched an expedition in search of sweet water…..

our soothsayers warned against this action. In their I was a cursed land, a place of demons abandoned by their gods. I ignored their warning and paid the highest price…..of the thirty men sent, seven returned……The survivors sobbed a tale.

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