Jared best friend.Jimmy Page – Guitarist.Formed Led

Jared Kittler3rd evenCole, Richard, Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin: Uncensored, Harper Collins, 2002. 362 pages.

Author Information:Richard ColeBorn on January 2, 1946.He wrote Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin: Uncensored. That was his only book, and it is about Led Zeppelin.He was a tour manager.He was with Led Zeppelin for most of his career but has also been with Black Sabbath, Eric Clapton, Ozzy Osborne, Fem 2 Fem, The Who, The Yardbirds, and other big name bands.

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Nothing is ever told about Cole’s Family, his closest relationships were with his bands.Type of BookStairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin: Uncensored is a biography of the rock band Led Zeppelin.It tells the history of Led Zeppelin.

Main CharactersRichard Cole – Tour manager.He went with the band everywhere they went and was basically their best friend.Jimmy Page – Guitarist.Formed Led Zeppelin after being with several other bands.He wanted to make really amazing music.

Page had a strong passion for music.John Bonham – Drummer.Bonham was the drummer for Led Zeppelin.He died because of alcohol abuse.Robert Plant – Vocals.Plant sings and writes songs for the band.

John Paul Jones – Bassist.John Paul plays bass but also does keyboard and other various instruments. Book NarrativeThis book is about the band Led Zeppelin.The book tells about the bands experience before they got together, during their time together and a little after they broke up.While they’re together the book describes different tours and concerts, substance abuse, their groupies and followers, and what they had to go through to become what they are.Much of the press was negative.

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