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Yusif Sani AbubakarA00020070WRI101Emillian akpan 18th April 2018Education should be a priority to student instead of an optionThe ability to gain an education is a necessity today.

Jobs that in the past did not require an education in today’s market do. New jobs that never existed before demanded skills and knowledge only gain through education. Students desire for an opportunity to accomplish their dreams. Every student has a certain ambition in mind. Some student wants to be a doctor, mathematician, engineer, economist and so, on. So education becomes the doorway of learning necessary skills to accomplish these dreams. Those opposed find the statement incredible, because they see people nowadays became successful without higher education.

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“An education makes a person to stay to long or grow older without getting married or building a shelter. Moreover, many jobs do not need an education e.g. trade business, fishing, butchering, hunting and so, on”. (US Census Bureau). In my own perception, I agree that the education is priority to student not optional. The Priority of education is having new idea, meeting with new people, expecting of new job and having a better life in the future.

I thinks having the education should be only a way that makes a student’s life to be developed. Thus, research recommends that education develops the wellbeing by affecting things like jobs, health, faith, social relationship and child-care. Additionally, education has a social benefit to students, such as reducing criminal offences, unemployment, idleness and so, on. An education makes a student to be valuable in a society.

Student may get a value from his profession in ways that has nothing to do with money or something else. (Stephanie Owen and Isabel V.Sawhill)Moreover, an education is priority to student because it could mentor and guide a person to get a better results in the future. Particularly people who were brought up in a unprivileged society. Higher education opens a new world to students by making them to be intellectual richer, creative, and productive. Some people were brought up in less privilege families and still manage to be successful as result of education. It has been estimated 2016 that “the average incomes for higher educated people was $65,482 while for those without education was $35,615. The incomes of educated is higher than those without education” (College Board Advocacy & Policy Center).

Although, some critics say that the educated people have paid thousands of dollar, some from loans while others from savings. It is estimated that over 42 million owed $1.3 trillion in student debt. Moreover, according to the US Congress Joint Economic committee estimated the 60% of college graduated have student loan debt with is equal to the 60% of their annual incomes. In the long run is much more advantageous for the educated person, because they will end up paying the loan and still benefit from the education they had.

In addition, the critics say the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated, the richest and successful people in the world either have not enrolled in the educational institutions or have not completed their Higher education: Bill Gates, the Founder of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, Charles Culpeper, the CEO and owner of Coca Cola, Michael Dell the founder of Dell and so, on. (© 2018 American Express Company. All rights reserved.) Furthermore, what is the priority of wasting your time since after higher school you must need a job? The trade professions is more important than the higher education. The trade profession require less than a year of training and gain above the wage salary. Students find it hard to get a job after completing their studies.

(public charity supported by your donations). Similarly, many educated students are working in the place that do not require higher education. According to department of labor 2008, over six million graduated students were in the position that do not require education. (public charity supported by your donations).

This is result of severe dedication and focus which only very few are privilege to have. Although, students that have education seem to be more productive person. Many lucrative and higher paying job needs educated person. Based on economy and job projection estimated by the Georgetown university, in 2018 67% of world job require educated person. The PhD, president of Emeritus of Northwestern University, Henry Bienan says, ” Higher education leads the greater productivity, least criminal offence, better health and better country for more educated people”.

It was observed in 2009 the sixteenth and twenty fourth year old without higher education were more likely to be imprisoned than people with education. (Andrew Sum,Ishwar Khatiwada and Joseph McLaughlin) In conclusion, an education lead a student to a better life. It also make a student to be a better critical thinker and problem solver. Education is always worthwhile. It has been said by Rebecca Mead, staff writer for New York Times “Education teaches student to develop critical thinking; to picture individual to the sign of accomplishments of humankind, to develop the student with the ability not just to write and read but to listen actively and respond intelligently”. In 2011 more than 73 % of students said education helped them ” brought up intellectually” and more than 65% said education help them to bring up and mature as people.

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