Yushan larger number of clients who would

Yushan bicycles perspective and aim is to upgrade or raise the product mix and to capture a larger and wider market motivated the company to go international thus starting international sales of the products.

This idea arose simply because the local market demand was decreasing which mostly demanded the cheaper products Yushan offered. The company began by exporting to Singapore then to Japan and so on (Bartlett and Paul, 2017). The company was simply motivated by the urge to reach a larger number of clients who would demand the variety of products it offered such as the electric bike.The step by step entry into new and existing markets made the international strategy of Yushan to be more efficient and effective. In many of the countries, the company uses specialty retailers to distribute the commodities which are easier since they know where there is high demand for the commodities and it is also cheaper for Yushan Company. Yushan strategy to internalize proves to be effective since its market has grown and demand for its products have increased.

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The strengths of Yushan Bicycles is that it is the seventh largest bike manufacturer in Taiwan which tells that it has a strong brand image , Yushan as well had a chance to build its brand and awarness . The company had weaknesses such as low investments within markets, and inflexible client base. Yushan Bicycles had many opportunities within the worldwide market .

The opportunities of Yushan Bicycles are such as bicycle-friendly areas which offered a larger market for the commodities. It also had the opportunity to further its expansion since its commodities such as the electric bike were unique and in high demand. The company was faced with threats such as competition, and the existence of substitute products.


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