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Youth of Pakistan our proud                   By: Hamza Saleem Institution: University of central Punjab                                                                                                                Youth of Pakistan                                                                              By: Hamza Saleem                                   MASSAGEOF QUAID:·        Pakistan is proud ofher youth particularly the student who are nation builders of tomorrow. Theymust fully equip themselves by discipline, education, and training for thearduous task lying ahead of them. ·        You must concentrateon gaining knowledge and education. You must be aware of international eventsand environment.

Education is a matter of life and death for our country.·        Get out of tranquility and step in thepractical life. Dedicate your faculties to seek improvement in every field tomake the condition of people. It is only then we be strong enough to counterthreat to our nation and defeat our enemies.(massage to Bohar Students ofKarachi, 13 Jan 1941)          The main problem of student is constraint of time (time management).Then there is one more problem mode of communication because students don’tinteract with people in community they are depend on electronic devices,and cause of failure is expectations that student expects from others andothers expect from students.

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(Mostly we have observed this scenario amongstudents and their parents). As a entrepreneur instructor and trainer Ihave observed now students are taking more interest in sole proprietorship dueto job situation, due to unemployment, one more reason is industries are not develop.Also increase frustration because people not get right job according to theireducation.  Massage for youth ofPakistan      You can get opportunities by creating by yourself,but opportunity is not sandwich in plate that you pick easily, you have need tocreate opportunities for yourself. Then you have needed to do struggle plushard work because struggle is part of life, maybe be in start of struggle youjumped on stage of success  (when youwill do hard work you will get reward with passage of time and life).                                                            IntroductionYouthall over the world through history, has been a revolutionary force. It is theprecious asset and opulence that can revive a nation going through hard time. Youthof a nation can do wonder if availed trained educated and informed in anoptimum fashion.

literally it refers to all the human force in a nation lyingbetween the age 18 to 29 years.thought tender an age yet the intellect,physicalstrength and wisdom it possesses has no parallel.History has proved, which ever era youth is goldenasset of a nation. Youth is a key that can unlock future locks of success. Ifwe study about history young peoples who change our today in modern technologyand festinating innovations there is so long list that give us huge shock andgive time to realize where we are stand.The purpose of this article about study of Pakistaniyouth how they have  mind thinking,behaviors, problems, atheism, patriotism, education barriers, societyacceptances,  gender issue, co education,employment problem, barriers on genius peoples, affordability of good education, living style, love, habits, social class problems, financial constraint,wrong expectations of parents, addiction of social media, sex attraction,addiction of drugs. The cause of aggregating this information  isknow about the new generation  thoughtshow they think, how they will save the future of Pakistan or destroy it.

With passage of time every single innovation bringown new infrastructure that also reflect on society for example (corporatesocial responsibility). This example indicates what we are as youth serving toour nation, either we are effective or burden on our nation. In which activitywe are involve, which level of political, economical, social, intentional,infrastructural, legislation, education we are stands?Pakistan our much loved homeland is passing throughchallenging times in regard to economic social and political turmoil. Crimerate is increasing with a fast deplation of natural recourses deterioratingagriculture and power shortage with instance of severe human right violationand suffering of the common man.

There are demonstrating and strikes,brutalities and scourge that affect hundred every day. In such a chaos a hugeresponsibility lying on the young generation shoulders towords nation bulding.To bring the state of affairs back on track the youth has to play its proactiverole to help change things for better and to revive the state of affair from gettingworse.Pakistan is developing country and youth of Pakistanmake up about 35% of its total population. In the midst of crunching time whenPakistan is facing severe issues such as terrorism economic crisis targetkilling disunity and the butden to take the country out of the whirlpool isupon its young people.

   Pakistan youth role development: The Pakistani youth has stepped on a train named asdestiny that take its passengers on the path toward development since theestablishment of Pakistan youth had always been crushed and oppressed by teachersleader and parents. Moreover the role of youth in politics has always beenlimited due to corrupt and inept political system. They failed to get exposedto the world that could lead to a new era of modernization.

As the clock tickedand time flew things started to change their discourse. The new century broughtabout much advancement along with the change in trends of Pakistani youth. Problems of youth in Pakistan:Alongside the changing trend in 21stcentury, problem of Pakistani youth have started to dwindle. The world is acontinuous process of change and so it brings with it distinctive feature inwhich modernization in youth plays huge importance. As globalization took placeit become harder for teacher leader and parents to further hold back youth inhomes.

These students found their way to their demands. The supply had alwaysbeen short but this time these young Pakistanis created their own demand andbecome their own suppliers. They have started to negate the old irrationalconventions that have been down streaming their lives. Through the use of mediainternet and self right realization: these rising humans instilled with greatzeal and zest have found a common point where they could lead their lives withcultural and contemporary trends.                               Datacollection through questionersDescription Due to lake of informality of questioner responsethe data is not 100% true.

Reason of lake of quality is mind set of audience becausethey don’t provide right response. Often they are biased because people areeither unable or unwilling to provide the correct answer. Sometime peopleprovide a response that they deem more socially acceptable rather than disclosetheir true preference. Depending on size of sample and the elaborateness of theanalysis people survey can also be expensive. Therefore observational researchis deemed better then consumer survey. PopulationFor generalizing andanalyzing the point of view of youth for Pakistan I have target the age 15 to35 for identifying how young people thing for Pakistan by positively andnegatively.

In other words I have try to know the mind set and behaviors ofmillenums of Pakistan either they are ready to face their future or not. Theywill move from growth to development or not? They want good implementation inPakistan or not?Areaof samplingUniversityof central PunjabGovt.collage of science                                                  Total numbers of students: 93University of central Punjab: students 37Females=23Males=14  Govt. collage of science: students 56Females=17Males=39Analyzeof questionersAgegroupsI was put 4 categories of age in questioners 1 2 3 4 15 to 20 20 to 25 25 to 30 30 to 35 InterpretationTicksresponse on four categories. 1 2 3 4 15 to 20 20 to 25 25 to 30 30 to 35 50 32 11 0  Base of education Arts 50 Science 7 Business/commerce 36 optional 0 What you will do after completion of education? Entrepreneur 9 Job person 79 Family business 5 optional 0    Social media in your life? important v. important For entertainment I don’t like 41 1 48 3 Effects of co education according youngpeoples.

  harassment Sexual interaction Best way understandings to each others Increase in confident 2 9 52 41 Which one language you like not favorite? Urdu English Arabic Persian 15 76 0 2  ResultAs a result I reach on point the behavior ofPakistani youth shifting from good to bad condition as compare to history ofPakistani youth because our youth is demanded the things without struggling . Ouryouth want Fame by overnight because they frustrated by electronic media (thatshow just the wall decorate with flowers but doesn’t show the base of wallquality of blocks)There is question in questioner regardingagriculture, (would you like join agriculture) the response is totally negativeeveryone marks on NO also some people said this is not related to our study.(Yes now we reach on main problem mean our institutions are not providingthe agricultural education, if we see it as economic point of view thatagriculture is back bone of our country but our educational infrastructure is dependon brutally wrong methods, which are not enough to produce competitors andinventors for future). The problem is not youth hate agriculture problem isinstitutions not encouraging to young people to involve in it. Maybe youngpeople will attract by agriculture sector if government provide coursesregarding irrigation and cultivations.

Introduce new and modern technology,adaptation technology for weathers information, availability of huge amount andlong term financial loan. Yes ZariTarkyati Bank exists that provide loans but that amount is so small that isnot enough for formers, and maturity time is short and interest rate of  return is high, these constraint are not easyto optimize for former (to maximize profit under low rate of resources).         


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