Youth goal for the youth program was

Youth had a significant role in the Nazi Germany because Hitler believed that the youth was the future of Germany. Hitler believed that adults were too rotten so he chose the youth. Hitler was was a “German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party”wrote by:James Jones.

It was a new generation that we were going to be taught a new religion and to be trained for war. He did not focus in older people because he thought they were not good enough to the core. Hitler focus in the younger people,children from ages 6-10 and up to 14-21,The German youngest in the hitler youth. Hitler wanted to ensure loyalty to him and be trained for him.

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The youth program was done with aim of attracting young men who could be trained to become members of the SA(Stormtroopers).One of the things Hitler used for His youth program was his book. Hitler  wrote this  book while he was at jail named “Whoever has Youth has Future”-Adolf Hitler. He believed younger people were better. Schools used Hitler’s book to put young children against Jews. Hitler’s armies six years of War would follow with full participation of the Hitler youth eventually down to the youngest child. This is because youngest people were going to follow the generation from young to old and be trained. This organization was created with propaganda involved with children.

Ten years of age,and often for the first time get a little fresh year. After four years of jungvolk they go on the Hitler youth.The goal for the youth program was to ensure that a child was loyal to the Nazi state to ensure that the Third Reich lasted for 1000 years. A lot of the Nazi education system also reflected Hitler’s educational experiences. After his failure to get into the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna Hitler developed a loathing of intellectuals who in his opinion based their teaching on what could be learned behind desks or in lectures halls.

 Hitler wrote that the first duty of the state was to care for the physical well-being and physical development of the young.The use of Anti-Semitism was to Hostility to prejudice against Jews. Within the economic depression of the 1930s and using not only racist but also older social,economic,and religious imagery Nazi Party gained popularity.Some youths who were against it regime and who were brave enough to make a stand.

In 1937 one such protest movement was started-the Edelweiss pirates. Movement started in the Rhineland and then spread out. This program also had part of treated. This boys and girls entered our organization at ten years of age. Hitler did not disregard young people or underestimate their political value.

Attempts at modifying public opinions, attitudes, and beliefs range from advertising and schooling to “brainwashing.” Their effectiveness is highly controversial. Nazi schooling that was most effective, and not radio or cinema propaganda. Anti-semitism,was part of the role of the youth Nazi Germany. On November 9, 1938, the Nazis destroyed synagogues and the shop windows of Jewish-owned stores throughout Germany and Austria .These measures aimed at both legal and social segregation of Jews from Germans and Austrians. Also,to justify the murder of the Jews both to the perpetrators and to bystanders in Germany and Europe, the Nazis used not only racist arguments but also arguments derived from older negative stereotypes, including Jews as communist subversives, as war profiteers and hoarders, and as a danger to internal security because of their inherent disloyalty and opposition to Germany.

The Nazi wanted them to learn about this because Hitler wanted them to know about him,wanted them to follow his goals,cause children were easier to be trained,he could not get adults to be trained how he wanted.The Youth was the future of Germany. German youth had a special audience for it’s propaganda message.

These message emphasized that the party was a movement of youth,dynamic,resonant,and hopeful,Won over Nazism. Millions of Germans young people were won over to Nazism in the classroom and through extracurricular activities. This program was really popular,it had a lot of members and it increase each time by a lot. In January 1933,it had 50,000 members. By the end of the year more than 2million.1936,5.4million before it became mandatory in 1939. 1941 it had 90.

03 million. Germans authorities then prohibited or dissolved competing youth organization. Participation in leadership development experiences is linked to increased self-efficacy and the development of skills relevant to success in adulthood and the workplace such as decision-making and working well with others. To the outside world, the Hitler Youth seemed to personify German discipline. Barely 25%, that the authorities decided to tighten up attendance with the 1939 law making attendance compulsory. This was important because Hitler wanted more power from getting children services.

weThe youth was really important to Hitler.Hitler thought the youth was the future of Germany. The Hitler Youth was a logical extension of Hitler’s belief that the future of Nazi Germany was its children. The Hitler Youth catered for 10 to 18 year olds. There were separate organisations for boys and girls.

The task of the boys section was to prepare the boys for military service. For girls, the organisation prepared them for motherhood.Boys at 10, joined the Deutsches Jungvolk (German Young People) until the age of 13 when they transferred to the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) until the age of 18. He stated that part of their “military athletics” (Wehrsport) included marching, bayonet drill, grenade throwing, trench digging, map reading, gas defence, use of dugouts, how to get under barbed wire and pistol shooting. Also girls also had their work like girls,at the age of 10, joined the Jungmadelbund “League of Young Girls”, and at the age of 14 transferred to the Bund Deutscher Madel “League of German Girls”.

Girls had to be able to run 60 metres in 14 seconds, throw a ball 12 metres, complete a 2 hour march, swim 100 metres and know how to make a bed. They were all trained with same aim just different activities each year.For hitler to trained them for the SA.(Military).Youth had a significant role in the Nazi Germany. This program used young people from age of 6-10 and 14-21 boys.

14-21 girls join the League of German Maidens they each had different sections like every year was different learning in the youth.until 18–21 they (Deutscher Madel) where they were further prepared for their roles as the mother of future Germans. They all did different things. This program use Anti-semitism,propaganda,totalitarianism,etc. All this was for the use to put young generation children against the jews,and the religion. This program called “Hitler youth” had a lot of members participating at the end during 1941`it had about 90.

03 million members. The Youth program was done with aim of attracting young men who could be trained to become members of the SA(Stormtroopers). This was the role of the Nazi Youth program during the 1933 to 1945. This was significant because hitler had a plan to conquer germany and the Youth was really important in his plan.

Youth was gonna be the army he trained with his ideology the one the he didn’t have to worry about loyalty or self determination


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