Yours or strawberries for a fresh taste

Yours truly has tried everything in the book to achieve clear, supple and hydrated skin (I have combination/dry skin type.) I have never had acneic skin but have dealt with the typical hormonal breakout, dryness, and texture. Here is a bit of the skin-care regimen that I stick to, to keep my skin magical and clear.

I use the Glowspin to apply my cleanser, this helps skin-care products go beneath the surface, so they hydrate to the max. I’ll use an alcohol-free rose petal toner regularly; this improves skin’s overall appearance. Exfoliation is also key in removing the dead skin cells from the top layer of skin.

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As important as it is to choose a moisturizer with the right ingredients, it’s also crucial to apply it at the proper time when your skin is still moist. The skin around the eyes is more fragile than the rest of your face, like tissue paper. Eye creams can address some issues.You all know this one. Staying hydrated by drinking water will, in turn, keeps your skin will look healthy and plump. If you aren’t a fan of plain water, add cucumbers or strawberries for a fresh taste and a dose of skin-friendly antioxidants. Hydrating topically as well is such a great way to glow up quick.

I love using coconut oil either in place of my moisturizer on occasion or leaving a generous amount on for about 5 minutes before removing.I have noticed such a positive difference in my skin since using the Glowspin. I’ll start my routine using the silicon brush (this is my favorite brush, it feels like a face massage) every other day I’ll use the daily cleansing brush. Only using the exfoliation brush three to four times a week to polish and refine my skin. Being a lover of all things makeup I take extra care in cleansing my skin. With my Glowspin, I’ll see makeup come off that my makeup remover missed. My nightly routine involves cleansing with my Glowspin which ensures that I’ll have a makeup-free face.

I can wake up knowing I don’t have any makeup residue from the day before. Pore size can be minimized due to deep cleansing using the Glowspin.  With clear, soft skin as a canvas for my makeup, it makes for a flawless finish. Now, whether you are a bare face babe or a full coverage fairy looking to glow up you need to invest in this skin-care tool. It’s compact, easy to travel with and comes in three adorable shades.


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