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You’re a business owner, right?! You are on Facebook, right?! Of course, you are! But – are you leveraging the platform to it’s fullest? Are you neglecting it? Go on, keep reading!A few years ago, businesses could create a Facebook Page and occasionally post on it. As new social platforms have come around and algorithms being tested and tweaked, social media marketing has become a lot more complicated (and instrumental in business growth).

Now, many of the latest trends in social media involve more in-depth strategies and tools in order to reach a wider audience.Here are 4 trends in 2018 that you can use to leverage your businesses:ChatbotsChatbots (those automated chat boxes that pop up and ask if you need help) are very quickly becoming a popular sight on business websites and social media platforms. It’s simple – chatbots can emulate a customer support agent, but it’s really AI. Around half of consumers say that they’re interested in chatbots because of their instant responses so they don’t have to wait for a reply email, etc! As these bots become increasingly popular, they’ll continue to evolve to better meet the consumers’ needs. Don’t get behind – start incorporating them immediately!Personal Dynamic AdsFacebook Advertising has been evolving every year and this year is no exception. Facebook released a new dynamic creative tool which will show different combinations of ad components (like images and CTA’s) to audiences based on what they like. This dynamic ad system will play a big role for advertisers.

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They can add up different assets to each ad, resulting in thousands of unique combinations. YouTube also has a new tool called Director Mix, but we’ll get to that another time.Live Video Becomes a Must with News Feed ChangesFacebook Live video has been one of the fastest growing trends in the past few years simply because Live videos drive amazing engagement, and have different users conversing with one another – and most businesses are using video marketing in some capacity. This adds a more trusting experience with your audience, because they have the opportunity to see ‘who’s behind the curtain’. Also, with the new Facebook News Feed announcements, Live video will become a ‘must-do’ if you want to continue to engage your audience and have your posts shown! Don’t underestimate it, please!Curating ContentCurating content geared towards your industry helps creates brand authority on your behalf. Not only that, you can utilize content that is already producing well on Social Media, just make sure you give credit where credit is due! Curating content allows you to post more content and gives you a higher probability for engagement.

Here you have it, 4 trends for 2018 that will help you (and your business, of course) leverage social media to reap the benefits. Remember – people are becoming increasingly more dependent on communicating with brands via social media. The faster the response they get, the better!Best of luck in 2018! Go get it!


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