Chapter eligibility requirement of 480 hours of work


“A single negative attitude can act as a cloud over the entire atmosphere.”It’s true that you can’t escape human relations. Good relationship plays a very important role in a company or on a job. We come across many relations at each level; it may with a co-worker, employees, managers, subordinates everyday.

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This is an incident of human relations that happened with me last year. I was studying for a National Credential in Child Care which had a basic eligibility requirement of 480 hours of work experience. With positive attitude I was awarded the National Credential for Professional Recognition by the Council in Washington D.C. and I was in the Detroit newspaper.

Positive attitude truly rewards.I started working as a volunteer teacher in a school. As we all know that at every work place there is someone who is a problem. Here I had a senior teacher Rosy who was always in tension.

She worked there for very long time at the same position and who loves to put other people down and would always order, manipulate orders of the Director and get her work done from others.A new co-worker Mary comes in the other class room. Rosy didn’t like her for some reason and didn’t want to help her in her work and the Director told Rosy to look after Mary as she was new. But when the Director was gone for the day Rozy manipulated the orders and made Mary move all the kids in her small room which created a chaos.

The Director heard the story of both sides and new who was behind, just left both of them with a warning and Mary was assigned Michelle as her lead. Rozy with her negative attitude stained the horizontal relationship with all the teachers. All the teacher’s were so frustrated with her but because of her seniority everyone kept quiet Attitude travels and affects everyone around you..I believe that they could all do better job with good human relations and getting along with each other. The morale was let down and nobody gave their best..

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