Jeremy as putting a price on marijuana

Jeremy AbrahamENG 1014/5/13Annotated BibliographyGieringer, Dale.

“Economics of Cannabis Legalization.” CA NORML Costs of Prohibition. N.p., 1 July 2000. Web. 05 Apr. 2014.

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This article provides great insight into the basic economics of marijuana legalization. With this article I plan to summarize the economic benefits of the legalization. This article also goes into the specifics of what type of revenue will be generated as well as putting a price on marijuana and what he believe will be the going rate along with th the tax rates. I would say this is a very good source and will definitely aid my argument on the vast benefits of marijuana legalization. Battle, Derrick, and Zachary Pinkston. “Marijuana Legalization Pros/cons.” The Liberty Champion. N.

p., 22 Oct. 2013. Web. 08 Apr.

2014..This article offers both sides of the argument on whether marijuana legalization will offer as many benefits as people think. Using this article I will both agree and disagree with many points throughout the article and possibly provide insight from other sources to back up my opinion as to why I disagree. This particular article comes from a college website leading me to believe it is reliable and a good source of information.Gibson, Carl. “How Legal Marijuana Could Save $72 Billion Each Year.” RSN.

N.p., 01 Sept. 2012.

Web. 08 Apr. 2014..With this source I plan to show the different ways marijuana legalization can save the country money instead of just the revenue generation. Throughout this article the author explains many different types of ways that the legalization can save the country money.

The main point of the article is the failed war on drugs and the money it cost to keep marijuana based offenders in jail when that money could go to more important things. This article comes from a very reputable website and I think it will work very well in my paper.Ferner, Matt. “Alcohol Is A Bigger Danger To Health And Society Than Marijuana, Americans Say.

” The Huffington Post., 03 Apr. 2014.

Web. 07 Apr. 2014..        I would say this source is going to be one of my best sources to use in my paper.

In this article we find out how everyday Americans feel about marijuana and marijuana legalization. This article also offers a comparison between marijuana and alcohol and offers a study that resulted in people thinking alcohol is more dangerous then marijuana. This is going to offer a great argument in my essay as to why marijuana is illegal and alcohol is legal when most people think alcohol is the more dangerous. The Huffington post is a good source of information and I think this article was well researched and is backed by studies throughout the U.

S.        Hansen, Ray. “Industrial Hemp Profile.” Agricultural Marketing Resource Center. N.

p., 01 Aug. 2012. Web. 08 Apr. 2014.

.        This article comes directly from the agricultural marketing resource center and is one of my most reputable sources. This article shows a more indirect revenue generation through the hemp industry that is said to boom when marijuana becomes legalized. This article is a great source of information about the side people don’t think about when thinking about the revenue generated from the legalization..

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