No sin that a true

You have to remember, No sin that a true believer commits whether past, present or future can be held against them. And Why? Because the penalty was paid by Jesus and His righteousness was given, or credited, or imputed to the believer.When it says, “No condemnation”. You should picture a courtroom. And in this courtroom, there’s a trial, which leads to an outcome, which is either a verdict of acquittal or guilt. The verdict indicates that the defendant is either free from or has to pay the penalty for that crime.

Putting it more plainly, the result is either vindication or condemnation. We can think of condemnation in 2 ways. It can mean that we’re legally liable to punishment or it can mean when the actual punishment is doled out or inflicted on you. And in this courtroom, for there to be “no condemnation” declared means you’ve been found innocent of the charges.

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It also means you’ll have no sentence passed or to put it in easier terms, you’re found not guilty.


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