Essay John’s father’s role in the book

Essay title: You Dont Know Me Written by David Klass

The main characters in the book are John, Gloria, the man who is not John's father, Violet Hayes, and John's mother.

Gloria's role in the book is to be the beautiful, popular girl who is always gossiping. The man who is not John's father's role in the book is to hurt John and then try to hide it from John's mother. Violet's role in the story is to be the girl that no one really knows, but has a big crush on John.

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John's mother is the only person that John really has, even though she isn't around a lot. Lastly, there is John, his role in the story is to just go along with everything that is happening, until the day that he fights back with the man who is not his father. The setting of the book changes, but mostly it is at school and at home. Which John calls anti-school and his home that is not a home.

John doesn't call it school because he sees school as a place to learn, but he doesn’t learn at his school. He also calls his home a home that is not a home because he feels that a house should be a safe place for someone to come home to, but that is nothing like John's house. Those are only a couple of little things in John's quite complicated life. Basically the entire book is about this boy, John, and his confusing life. John's mother was left by her husband a long time ago, and now she has met someone new.

Unfortunately, he is horrible to John when she isn't around, and he ends up physically abusing John. Meanwhile, John has his whole school life going on. For example, his math teacher is always calling on people that are completely.

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