Yemen capital Sana’a, are only to a

Yemen is one of the most water-stressed countries with an availability of only about 125 m3 per person annually. The already critical supply situation has been dramatically aggravated by the armed conflict and its escalation following the interventions of regional actors since 2015. Water supply and sanitation services in the major urban centers, including the capital Sana’a, are only to a very limited extent being maintained. Part of the infrastructure is destroyed, and the electric power supply is failing to a large extent.

The Local Water Corporations (LCs) are weakened financially and regarding their personnel; they are less and less able to secure the necessary financial and human resources. The remaining skilled workers and specialists in the LCs face difficulties to secure the necessary administrative procedures as well as to plan and implement measures for maintenance and rehabilitation of the destroyed infrastructure. Overall, the local urban water corporations are lacking the required assistance to cope with the challenges in the water sector.

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