Chapters cover themselves up with things of nature

Chapters 12-14Identifying Facts1.Huck and Jim avoided being seen while floating down the river by camouflaging the raft with thickets and things of that sort. They would just cover themselves up with things of nature which served as a shelter and a hiding place.2. Huck discovers three men on the wrecked steamboat Jake Packard, Jim Turner, and Bill. 3. Huck and Jim cannot escape the steamboat because there were drunk men in their way.

4.The steamboat sinks5.Huck gets his information about dukes and kings from books.Chapters 15-16Identifying Facts1. Huck and Jim’s plan to reach safe territory was to sell the raft and get on a steamboat and go to the free states.2. When Huck rejoins Jim after they are lost in the fog Jim has been drinking and talking “wild.

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”3. Jims response to Huck’s trick is frustration. He says “ how could you make a fool of ole Jim with a lie?”4. Huck convinces the men not to search the raft by saying that his pap is on it and he has smallpox.5.Huck and Jim know they have passed Cairo because there was no “high ground” about Cairo.Chapters 17-18Identifying Facts1,After Huck forgets his name he tricks Buck into revealing it by having him spell it.2.

Emmeline Grangerford was most interested in the theme of death.3.Huck rediscovers Jim by following a slave into the woods where Jim has been hiding.4.Jim and Huck’s raft had been “smashed all to flinders.”5.Huck feels responsible for Sophia’s elopement because he had fetched the book with all of the information for her secretly. Chapters 19-20Identifying Facts1.

Jims theory of the origin of the stars was that they were allowed to be made and the moon laid them.2. Huck meets the duke and king because they come running at him and beg him to help them and save their lives…so he does.3.The duke and king had been doing dentistry and holding revivals before they met Huck.4.The king dupes the people at the camp meeting by saying that he is a pirate who has been converted and needs money to catch all of the other pirates.5.

The duke arranges for them to float down the river in the daylight if they just tie up Jim and act like they had just captured him.Chapters 21-23Identifying Facts1.The king and duke first plan a “first class show” including an encore.2.Sherlourn shoots and kills Boggs.3.

The first performance of the king and duke is received horribly. Everyone except for someone sleeping leaves early.4.The peoples response to the “Royal Nonesuch” was they tried to bring rotten eggs to throw at them.5.

Jim tells Huck that he used to beat his daughter Elizabeth until he found out she was deaf and blind.Chapters 24-26Identifying Facts1.The duke dresses Jim up as a “Sick Arab” so that he doesn’t have to be tied up all day.2.

The king learns about the Wilks family from a man he comes in contact with.3.The king worries because the gold is $415 short and then he makes a “deffesit”4.Dr.

Robison thinks the king is a fraud because he does a bad imitation of an English accent.5.Huck is determined to steal the gold back from the duke because Mary Jane is such a sweet girl and he fells guilty.Chapters 27-29Identifying Facts1.Huck hides the money in the coffin and Mary Jane comes in right.

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