Essay beggars? Whereas, if I marry Linton,

Essay title: Wuthering Heights Written by Emily Bronte

Catherine confessed to her servant Nelly that she wanted to be the “.

. . the greatest woman of the neighbourhood (sic). . .

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.” (68). She knew that social status and wealth were things that Heathcliff could never give her, but both of which, Edgar had plenty.Once again, she asked of Nelly, “.

. . did it never strike you that if Heathcliff and I married we should be beggars? Whereas, if I marry Linton, I can aid Heathcliff . . .

.” (71). Cathy’s true emotions and feelings for Heathcliff were overpowered and destroyed by her endless greed and envy.She grew to care, not about her true love, but only about the status that she held in society. She had no intention of marrying for love; she only wished to marry for wealth and power. Heathcliff was by nature, a gypsy, a waif.As children, Catherine and Heathcliff spent time together running the moors, and causing mischief at Wuthering Heights.After Catherine stayed with the Linton family at Thrushcross Grange, healing from a dog bite, she found that a life as a proper lady was much more appealing to her.

She returned from the Linton home in fancy clothes and with a new attitude.Though Heathcliff had not changed since the last time they were together, he now seemed dirty in Catherine’s eyes.Instead of going to run the moors, and getting dirty with Heathcliff, Catherine’s only wish for Heathcliff was “. . .

you wash your face, and your hands, it will be all right: But you are so dirty.” (46).Her new view of Heathcliff only pushed her further away from the life that she loved and closer to the life that she wished to live.Catherine believed that Heathcliff and she were.

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