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Written communication in health care
Written communication is one of the ways of communication where the writer converts ideas and information to output them as writing form. It was a means of communication used from the stone age until it developed in the civilized age. Written communication is a second type of communication after oral communication. Vary written communication in the purpose and documentation according to use, for example a study was conducted measure level of information about procedure and anxiety rates among patients who will do flexible cystoscopy, revealed that patients who received the information were more aware and less anxious than those who did not receive it.
Elements of written communication:
Written communication is a very important skill that plays a key role in the development of work and career advancement, the writer must be proficient in this skill because the practical environment depends on writing by a large proportion and to send the desired idea correctly without any distortion such as writing reports, Fax and email. Perfect writing use main elements to get the intended communication to the largest audience by correctly way. Those elements contain grammar, spelling, structuring and style. Grammar is considered the critical part in written communication, because it carries the structure of matter and the time of this communication. Any grammatical errors will be misinterpreted and have risks on patient life. Spelling which present the letters of word, from here the words and phrases begin. In structure, the writer will express the intent of this communication by determines the purpose, ideas, chief points and themes. Style is method of writing which include number of information, details, terms, formal and informal use.
Errors in written communication in healthcare:
Writing is an important part of communication, so the writer must be careful in the writing elements. Writing errors are frequent, resulting in a threat to the life of the patient such as error in appointment days, medical reports, brochure which contain information of diseases, errors in writing medicine names and dosages.
The using in healthcare:
Written communication in health care is one of the platform of communication that starts from the time of the patient admitted to the hospital until time of discharge. The nurse begins by comprehensive recording the patient’s condition such as complains, signs and symptoms, medical and surgical history, allergy, medications and diagnosis with additional information, to start planning and intervention in timely manner. Based on this recording the physicians and healthcare providers will rely on it. The most traditional written communication was used among healthcare providers by pen and paper letters which was consume time and effort in writing and need huge place to storage the letters, but the evolution of time starting using technology and communication because more easier and faster than past. Types of electronic written communication are email, SMS. Other form of written communication are used to aware the patient are brochures, handbooks and memo.
Principles of effective writing:
Concern about the written communication is important to reach the idea without distortion and therefore there are a principles for effective writing. First, brevity: that make sentences concise and indicate the meaning. Second, clarity: illustrate the meaning of message. Third, communication: clarify the purposes. Forth, emphasis: put frim and suitable words to indicate the importance of letter and emphasis on them. Fifth, revision: review and check out of what has been written. Sixth, simplicity: simplify the ideas and make it easier.
Advantages and disadvantages:
Some advantages of written communication are it can be edited and revised it several times before sending, saved for long as possible and retrieved when needed, there are references, patients prefer written communication to provide them with the information they need, take patient consent by signing the procedure papers, documenting responsibilities of healthcare providers. Although however the importance of written communication there are disadvantages are requires time and effort to write and formulate a sentences, prone to misunderstanding and distortion and loss, the sender does not receive feedback immediately, the receiver take a time in reading the message, requires writing skills to achieve the goal, expensive because of need to pen, paper, computer.
Written communication is the transmission of ideas into words and visual sentences. This communication is characterized by the opportunity to choose the words of the letter and review before sending, so the writer must fluent the skill of writing so potential of errors and misunderstanding will be less. Written communication in health care is one of the most important elements of health communication that it save life and time of the patient. Written communication in health care has advantages and the most one is to facilitate understanding the information to the patient and the major disadvantages of this communication is writing errors in patient information which can harm the patient.

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