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Writing & ResearchSection: 204Name: Maryam DibilID: 201701858Instructor’s Name: Dr. Carmen Winkel??IntroductionHookDo you know that 439.2 person of 100,000 male and female affected by cancer each year? (National Cancer Institute, 2018)Subject/problem In this research, I will explain the lung cancer in general and how it grows in the lung and then I will mention its causes.

After that, I will discuss how smoking has a very strong impact on the lung that may help to develop lung cancer. Finally, I will end with some ways to prevent growing the lung cancer.Background InformationCancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control. When cancer starts in the lungs, it is called lung cancer (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018). The sign of lung cancer needs times to become notable. The sign or symptoms may happen in the chest as coughing, soreness in the chest and back, change in the voice, and sounds with each breath.

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Or occur in somewhere else in the body such as headaches, weakness, muscle wasting, and unjustified weight loss. Unfortunately, there may be no obvious reasons for lung cancer, but in most cases, lung cancer occurs because of smoking seeing that smoking may harm the cells that defend the lungs. Also, smoking may decrease the life of people by 11-12 years. Not just that, smoking may affect skin, mouth, bones, brain, and other body parts. So, stopping smoking can lower health risk, and also reduce the risk of lung cancer by 50% after 10 years. But, you can avoid lung cancer by avoiding smoking, eating healthy food, and exercising for 4 or more days a week.

If you, unfortunately, have lung cancer, you can treat that based on your stage, health, and preferences by surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, radiosurgery, or alternative medicines.Thesis StatementSmoking, air pollution, a family history, and radon gas May affect the lung cancer.?Outline (informal)?TopicLung cancer and smokingBody 1• Define lung cancer and the nature of lung cancer in detail• Causes of lung cancer• A real story about someone affected by lung cancer• Detecting cancerBody 2• Concentrating on smoking, which is one of the lung cancer causes.• Reasons for the risks of smoking• The relation between lung cancer and smoking in detailBody 3• Limiting lung cancer• Common and effective ways of treatment• Discuss each way in detail


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