Write down why you are concerned about

Write down why you are concerned about a person as simply andclearly as you can, and as soon as you can after an event.

Record all relevant information including what you saw, what youheard, and why you acted as you did. Be factual.Sign and date your records and make sure they are kept in a safeplace.Record any physical signs or injuries using a body map or handdrawing if necessary, make sure you sign and date it.Write down what is said to you, who said it including theirrelationship to the person or role and how they can be contacted, ifappropriate.

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Include any questions you have asked, make sure yousign and date it.Include any details about what the person wants to be done at thisstage.Sign and date all your records and make sure you keep them in asafe place.Inform the agencyresponsibleTell the person responsible for the person’s care e.g.

the managerof the service or most senior person available what your concernsare and where possible work with them to address the issues you


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