Write about what being unique means to you essay

For example, if a person have ability to make his entire colleague and friend fell happy all time, it shows that the person have unique specialist that everyone not gifted. Even identical twins are unique because they have different experience that makes them to have different personality. Secondly, person who is able to social and communicates very well made them unique. Every human in this world are not gifted to social and communicate with outsiders very well. Person who are have ability to sociable have a bigger brains. They always have idea and style to approach people that they are not familiar.

Where never they go people always feel comfortable and easy to be love. For example, a person who can meet different friends in one time can be seen as a unique person. A person who was born with this uniqueness is special. Lastly, person who have unusual hobbies make them unique in their own way. Hobbies can be differing like taste. Hobby can be divided into four classes which are doing things, making things, collecting things and learning things. Some people like to dress in costumes, not just on Halloween season UT all over the year especially in Japan their some of the citizen like to wear anima costume all the time they want.

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Besides that, a person who like to piercing and tattooing their body is one of example unique hobbies. Even though they know that piercing and tattooing can hurt them badly but they still apply it on their body. To conclude, every person in this world has their own understand about unique. Some of them have different personality; some of them have different hobbies and some of them able to sociable very well. It depends on how every person applies it and makes them different and unique from others.

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