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The Bible never stated that life began at conception, it states that life enters and leaves the body through the breath of God. Life begins with your first breath and ends with your last breath. This concept of life is described in Genesis 2:7, “God breathed into man creating a living soul”. Breath is life and when life is breathed into an earthen vessel of a human body it comes alive. Ezekiel 37:9-10 and 13-14 prove that once again, the breath of God is life itself.

Life is placed into bodies that were once dead and the breath of God brought them back to life. What does it mean to be human? Are humans more important than non-humans?We as Christians see God as eternal and God is the extraordinary creator of mankind. God created us in his own image. Psalm 8:5 states that when humans were created by God they were designed to be “above all animals and ranked a little lower than the angels”. In Genesis man and woman were created in the eyes of God and were given the duty to take care of the animals and to be their ruler. Why does mankind exist? Why do I exist? As Christians, we believe that mankind exists to glorify the creator, God. This can be accomplished through worship and obedience, Philippians 2:12, describes worshipping with prayer and thanksgiving.The intention of those efforts is to create our own personal relationship with God, which will result in eternal life.

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The rationale of mankind and salvation is clarified in John 17:3. Throughout the New Testament, it is obvious that Jesus desires to be in fellowship with us as we walk with him on this side of eternity. Our purpose is to be Christ like in our thoughts and actions. What is meant by right and wrong? How should live? The Christian worldview identifies what is right and wrong “based upon Gods holy standard” (Wider and Guttering, 2011).

This worldview becomes our personal code Of ethics. The Ten Commandments were provided to assist us with abiding by God’s rules. John 13:34 gives us examples of how Christians should conduct themselves. Treating others the way that you would like to be treated is the golden rule. Always thinking of ways to love and not hate is the Christian walk which can be found in Matthew 543-44. Man is faulted by their own actions and choices, “therefore redemption only appends through the sacrifice of Jesus but cannot be obtained through your own abilities” (Wider and Guttering, 201 1).Is there life after death? What will happen to me when I die? “In the history of Christianity, death has been defined generally as the separation of the immortal soul from the mortal body/’ (Bacchius, 2011). Our destiny is determined by our salvation, whether or not we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and have built a personal and loving relationship with him and we will appear before him on the judgment seat, 2 Corinthians 5:10.

According to Unveiled ‘Videodiscs say that death is followed by life not on this earth, heaven, hell, purgatory’ (Unveiled, 2013).In the Christian worldview once you depart from this world you can spend eternity with God in heaven where the streets are made of gold or in hell where you will be absent from God for all eternity, as proven in Psalm 9:17. 502 Ill. Biblical Worldview Beliefs As a Christian, worldview has influenced my life and beliefs greatly and influences how I treat and speak to people daily. I am a firm believer in treating people the way you want to be treated. On a daily basis, I interact with different people from many different backgrounds and beliefs. I work at a call center where we process property claims.You can only imagine what some of the calls are like when dealing with people who have lost their homes or their homes are so severally damaged they can no longer live in them.

I have to put myself in their shoes, and consider how I would feel if I found myself going through this stressful ordeal and when call for assistance, I get a representative that is just plain rude, an unfriendly representative only adds o the preexisting stress. In life, we will reap whatever we sow. I know that God is love and sacrificed his own son to die for my sins, so show love and respect to everyone I come in contact with.Deciding on my future career plans does reflect my worldview beliefs. When attended college for the first time had no clue what career I wanted to pursue. As of this day, I’m still unsure as to how settled for a degree in Public Relations.

When I graduated, my internship was in a marketing department that did not have any job openings. The available jobs in my field required experience that, as a recent college graduate, did not have, as a result, ended up acquiring employment in customer service, however, it is not my desired career path.

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