World History: Questions and Answers essay

What process did Louis Pasteur develop to kill germs? Bastardization. Why did Sadder Hussein attack Kuwait in 1990? He believed Kuwait was responsible for low oil prices. How did absolute monarchies change during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries? Most countries moved from absolute monarchies to constitutional monarchies. When Louis XIV said, “l am the state,” what political system was he representing? Absolute monarchy.

What happened as a result Of the Russian Revolution? The Cold War between the superpowers. At the beginning of World War l, which outsider helped speed up the cline of the car’s government?Rasping. What was the result of the Chinese Civil War? China officially became a communist nation. What advances did Mao Godson’s rule bring to China? Equal rights for women.

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Which of the following is an example of global culture? Tacos and sushi are popular in the United States. What primary advantage does globalization offer the people of developing countries? The opportunity¶y’ to raise the standard of living. What effect did the Scientific Revolution have on schools and universities? Students were urged to search for knowledge.What has NOT been a problem facing El Salvador in the early identifiers century? Civil War. What was the outcome of the Korean War? Korea remained a divided country.

How did the ideas of the Enlightenment influence the arts? Architecture became less complicated and more graceful. What are scholars talking about when they discuss economics? How nations acquire wealth. What directly resulted from the death of Rwanda President Habiliment in 1994? The brutal genocide Of almost a million Tutsis. Great Britain ‘s Winston Churchill described the spread of communism in Europe as what?An iron curtain. What was the Bataan Death March? A torturous long march of thousands of Allied soldiers.

How did Germany respond to the Treaty of Versailles? Germany grew resentful of the reparation payments and other terms. After gaining independence, how did most African nations set up their governments? They tended to copy the European forms of government. The United States and the Soviet Union engaged in arms negotiations during a period of “relaxed tensions”, also known as . Detente What effect did South Africans Shriveled shootings have on the rest of the world?The injustice of apartheid became a global concern.

How did the Battle of the Manner expand the war beyond a regional struggle? Germany’s plan for an easy French defeat was ruined. What casualties did the Japanese suffer after the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan? More than 1 00,000 people were killed instantly. What was the cause of the apartheid movement in South Africa? White Afrikaners wanted racial separation from black Africans.

How did Geographer’s plan of perestroika change the Soviet government? Individuals were permitted to own businesses and earn profits.How did scientists apply Albert Einstein equation E=Mac? To develop nuclear power. In what way did the Berlin Conference of 1 885 change the African way of living? The Congo was opened to trade by all member nations. For what issue of social reform was Susan B.

Anthony best known? Women’s suffrage. What has been the most free aunt method of changing governments in most Latin American countries? Military coup d’etat. What was the result of the America’s failure in Vietnam? Communism was not contained in Vietnam. What effect did the Napoleonic Wars have on the European community?They made the European community unite against Napoleon. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, many people began to Question society and want reform. What common belief did fascists and Nazis share? That the good Of the nations was more important than individual concerns. How did the Soviet union’s Scheherazade policy affect Germany’s invasions of Russia? German troops were unable to maintain sufficient supplies.

What were the main goals of Operation Iraqi Freedom? To find weapons of mass destruction and remove Sadder Hussein from power.How did Joseph Stalin come to power in Russia? He outwitted Leon Trotsky for control of the Communist party after Linen’s death. What main idea drove nations to form organizations such as NATO, SEATS, and the AS? Security in numbers. How was the cottage industry affected by the Industrial Revolution? Fewer goods were made by hand.

How did people’s thinking about their governments change during the Enlightenment? People believed that government exists as the result of an agreement between the people and their leaders.What social change occurred in Great Britain when the middle and irking classes learned of the political freedoms granted to U. S. Citizens? They demanded similar representation in their government. What was the result of Japan’s invasion of other countries? Acquisition of new territory. Why did Japan open its ports to European trade after centuries of isolationism? Commodore Matthew Perry demanded that Japan begin trading.

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