Working arms close to your body. The

Working in dentistry can have risk factors due to poor positioning, repetitive movements, infrequent breaks, weak posture and awkward postures. Studies show that 3/10 dentists report having a poor physical state. Conditions such as MSD (musculo skeletal disease) can occur with poor posture over time and can affect wrist, back, neck, hands and shoulders. When working sitting down a chair is required to support the back especially the lower part of the back. The back should be kept straight as much as possible and the head should be kept as erect as possible.

This is when the dentist is operating and the nurse is also operating the aspirator and the assistance. When sitting in a chair that rolls and swivels do not twist at the waist whilst sitting instead the whole of the body must be turned. Feet should be flat on the floor and the seat should be at the correct height so strains are avoided.

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You should work with your arms close to your body. The patient should also be positioned on the chair correctly. The chair should be laid flat to keep the patient completely horizontal with the face and torso facing upwards, unless the patient is pregnant or has any other medical conditions, in this case the patient should be sat in a vertical position so the dentist has good positions of the patients mouth without bending too far. The head rest should be adjusted to each patient and the patient must be asked if they are comfortable when the chair is put into position.

Instruments should be arranged in order and set out by the dental nurse located


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