WORKING of Two year full time, Masters

WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENTPROJECT REPORTSubmitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Two year full time, Masters in Business Administration. By Sudhir KumarDEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENTLOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITYPHAGWARA(2008-2010)AcknowledgementWhatever we do and whatever we achieve during the course of our limited life is just not done only by our own efforts, but by efforts contributed by other people associated with us indirectly or directly. I thank all those people who contributed to this from the very beginning till its successful end.I sincerely thank Mr. Ashutosh Aggarwal(Account Executive, PepsiCo, Phillaur), person of amiable personality, for assigning such a challenging project work which has enriched my work experience and getting me acclimatized in a fit and final working ambience in the premises ofPEPSICO.

I acknowledge my gratitude to Ms. Harjeet Kaur (Lovely Professional University), for her extended guidance, encouragement, support and reviews without whom this project would not have been a success.Last but not the least I would like to extend my thanks to all the employees at PEPSICO (Aradhna Drinks & Beverages Pvt.

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Ltd) and my friends for their cooperation, valuable information and feedback during my project. TABLE OF CONTENTS1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 5-62. LITERATURE REVIEW 7-12 3. ABOUT THE COMPANY 13-29a. Company profile 14b. Mission & Vision 18c. Company Leadership 19d.

Company Brands 20e. Milestones 24f. Company Profile in India 264. WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 30-37a.

Introduction 31b. Working Capital Analysis 33c. Nature & importance of working capital 33d.

The importance of Good Working Capital 34e. Working Capital Cycle 365. ANALYSIS OF WORKING CAPITAL MANAGE 38-436.

MENT a. Schedule of changes In working Capital Management 38b. Percentage change in working capital 40c. Assessment of working Capital Management 427. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 44 8. RESEACH METHODOLOGY 45-469. ANALYSIS OF THE STUDY 47-65 a.

Analysis of various components 48-56b. Inventory 48c. Sundry Debtors 50 d.

Cash & Bank Balance 52e. Current Liability 54f. Provision Analysis 56 10. WORKING CAPITAL RATIO 57-65a. Receivable Ratio 58b.

Payable Ratio 59c. Inventory Ratio 61d. Current Ratio 62e.

Quick Ratio 64f. Working capital Ratio 6411. PROFIT & LOSS ACCOUNT 66 12.


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