Workforce diversity Huawei Technnology essay

According to its corporate website http://www. Hawaii. Com/en/obituaries/ sustainability/win-win-development/c accessed on 1 December 201 3), Hawaii employs over 140,000 employees worldwide. Their regional spread is indicated in the table. On average, over 70 per cent of the employees in Hussein’s overseas subsidiaries are local. Source: http:mm. Hawaii. Com/en/about-Hawaii/sustainability/win-win- development/c accessed on 1 December 201 3 The demographic statistics, as shown in the figure, suggest that Hawaii has a relatively young and male dominant workforce.

Source: http://WV. Hawaii. Com/en/about-Hawaii/sustainability/win-win- Equal opportunity and diversity management policy Hawaii has a number of corporate policies on equal opportunity (CE) and diversity management (DMS) that are intended to have a global coverage. These include: Non-discrimination Hussein’s policy of equal opportunity is reflected in its recruitment, promotion, compensation, and other aspects. Hawaii stipulates that there should be no discrimination in terms of race, gender, region, nationality, age, pregnancy, or disability.

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In addition, it has established a policy for nondiscrimination and abides by the requirements of applicable laws in different locations. Special Needs Employee Management process Hawaii has established a Special Needs Employee Management Process which is used for managing female employees under ‘four special periods’ (menstruation, pregnancy, maternity, breast-feeding) and employees with certain physical disabilities. The management process is aimed at ensuring Hussein’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations and protecting the health and rights and interests of employees in specific groups. Managing overseas local employees

Hawaii adopts the following strategy in managing the local employees in its overseas subsidiaries: Selecting, deploying, developing, and retaining excellent local managers and employees Deepening local employees’ understanding of Hussein’s core values, policies, processes, and systems As the majority Of Hussein’s operations Outside China are sales and retail- oriented activities, Hawaii plans to implement a local hiring policy from 2012 that seeks to employ more local people in its overseas businesses who will be responsible for coordinating with local customers to ensure smooth immunization and a thorough understanding of customer needs.

Key (managerial and technical) employees are selected to attend training courses in Hawaii University at the headquarters to help them understand and internalize the company’s core values and culture. Employee assistance programmer Being known and criticized for its long working hour culture in China, Hawaii is taking steps to manage overtime working and employee stress. An overtime management and stress management policy has been developed.

In addition, an Employee Assistance Program (PEA) initiative has been introduced which requires managers at all levels to focus on the mental health of their employees and take precautionary measures whenever they notice unusual behavior. Hawaii employed a welkin management consulting firm to conduct a series of PEA-related training programmer for its employees from March 2011 to March 2012.

The PEA consists of four types of training: Identification of and assistance for psychological crises Fulfilling work – enhancing mental competencies Energy management – being efficient in work and life Management of generation Y employees Questions What are the unique characteristics of Hussein’s E and DMS policy that can be attributed to being an NC of Chinese origin? 2 What challenges do you think Hawaii may encounter in implementing its corporate E and DMS policy in its subsidiaries in different parts of the world? With a diversified and globalize workforce, how can Hawaii ensure that maximum benefits are brought to both the business and the employees? 4 As the company continues to grow, what advice can you give to Hawaii to develop a tailored employee career development plan by offering different tats for both international and local personnel to realize their own personal potential? 5 What more can Hawaii do to enhance its E and DMS outcomes for employees and the company?

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