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Work Expectation EssayWhat is work immersion? What I may encounter? Where will I be assigned? Who may I talk to? What are their back grounds in working? And many more questions you may ask to yourself. At first, there are many questions scrambling on my mind that a may be in a bad situation always, because I taught that coming to a unknown place can be terrible one.

But as a saying goes “first impression lasts”. On my first day in the Municipality of Minalin to work, I was scared that every time I looked outside I may be call up to do something. That’s why I kept my eyes on my phone while there is no orientation. I was assigned at the Sangguniang Bayan, headed by the Municipal Vice Mayor Hon. Edgar G. Yambao and together with his cabinets the Municipal Councilors. I was expecting more of out-door sessions where they will conduct a hearing outside the Municipal and they will ask me to come to witnessed the debate. So as a new kid on a block, I was expecting too that there will be many people coming everyday to ask assistance to the Councilors, but this expectations lead me to disappointment.

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Everything I thought at first was turned around, and saw nothing and no one coming up to open that door.The behavior I observed, I always see them wear their complete uniform everyday. They always come on time to attend the session ad no to deduct their salary. As I trainee, its easy to adopt their environment. They are all jokers to their colleagues as they thrown jokes inside the hall. But what that one thing I loved best? Were the variety of group and individual experiences. Sometimes we were listening to a lecture in a big room.

Sometimes we were participating in small group discussions/activities. Sometimes we were doing individual work.  I feel like I’ve built such a wonderful network of instructors and instruction coordinators whom I know I will learn much more from in the future. I absolutely loved working with my cohort; we are all dealing with diverse and complex situations and it was really nice to discuss this stuff with people who are equally passionate about user-centered info lit instruction. I really hope to keep in touch with these inspiring professionals. They really taught me something about one family. As one family, they continue to fight together side by side through the difficulties and struggles that they would encounter with support and help from each family member. As I have seen, they are really happy.


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