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Wong Yeung Chun, Kelvin
AMVE A205BF World Art T01
Assignment #2
Compare and Contrast of Art

Rauschenberg, Robert. Collection. 1954.

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Lichtenstein, Roy. Drowning Girl. 1963.

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This essay is aiming to compare and contrast the artwork from the pop art period. This essay will analyze some of the current greatest artists and some of their famous artwork. “Collection” created by Robert Rauschenberg and “Drowning Girl” created by Roy Lichtenstein were chosen to compare and contrast in this essay. To compare and contrast the artwork of Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein, I have organized my essay into a few sections, In the first section, I introduce some historical context and concepts of pop art. In the second section, I compare and contrast the artwork “Collection” and “Drowning Girl”.

Historical Context
Pop Art started in the 1950s and popular in the 1960s. Pop art was named by the art critic Lawrence Alloway in reference to the prosaic iconography of its painting and sculpture (Britannica 2018). Pop art is started with the New York artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, James Rosenquist and Claes Oldenburg (Wolf 2018). With the advancement of technology (eg: TV, movies, magazines) and the rise of pop culture to create pop art.

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Pop art including image and icons from popular culture, usually use comic or magazines to create the image. Because the artwork of pop art usually about commonplace objects, popular culture and people of everyday life, pop art is far away from traditional art themes such as morality, mythology and classical history (Wolf 2018). Pop Art used lot of ordinary or daily life supplies to create some artwork, so that pop art is more objective, universally acceptable.

Compare and Contrast
“Collection” created by Robert Rauschenberg and “Drowning Girl” created by Roy Lichtenstein.

“Collection” painted in 1954 to 1955 by Robert Rauschenberg, is an oil painting including paper, wood, and metal on canvas, “Collection” is the first “Combine painting” of Robert Rauschenberg – “Combine” is neither a sculpture nor a painting, but a mixture of the two. “Collection” use three vertical panels to create the artwork.

“Drowning Girl” painted in 1963 by Roy Lichtenstein, is an oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas. “Drowning Girl” including some Ukiyo-e style.

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“Collection” is an abstractive style painting, we can find a high originality in his painting, he uses the different medium to paint and combines different material in one artwork, such as oil, paper, wood, and metal. Also, he uses “Real Thing” on his artwork, some people’s daily life supplies. He uses the new art style “Combines” to break through traditional art of abstract expressionism.

“Drowning Girl” is a cartoon style painting, most media are on paper, in “Drowning Girl” can find out the sea of paint is the reference from other’s works like comic and Ukiyo-e. Roy Lichtenstein always creates some derivative work, compared to the original work, the derivative work is an independent, divided work. But some people said that Roy Lichtenstein’s artworks lack originality.

“Collection” has originality more than “Drowning Girl”, Roy Lichtenstein more like to get the reference from the other artworks to create his own artwork, though it still is painted by himself, the artwork has lacked originality. Robert Rauschenberg created the new art style “Combines” by himself, and he wants toward a more expressive use of varied paint colors and a freewheeling assemblage of fragments of daily life (Roberts 2013).

Moreover, both artworks are created in pop art period. Both “Collection” and “Drowning Girl” use the complementary colors to paint the painting.
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In “Collection”, Robert Rauschenberg uses red and orange in the background of the painting, and some blue color on the painting. To create a sharp and coordinated complementary color, so that the screen bright and exciting.

On the other hand, in “Drowning Girl”, Roy Lichtenstein use only blue and red to paint the painting and the main color of the painting is a cool color, a strong sad emotion in the painting ready to come out from the girl in the sea.

As shown in the preceding sections, both artworks of Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein are the famous artwork of pop art period. “Collection” create the first “combine” painting and the “Drowning Girl” improve the secondary creation of the Neo-Pop Art artist. “Collection” and the “Drowning Girl” influence many Neo-Pop Art artists, let them often repeating famous pop art.

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