The yard… In grave yard, a corpse is

The world is full of stories, the stories of all kinds, full of the stories depicting joys, grieves blessings and cursing of the world, There are stories which can give the cold shivers around your spine, stories that can give you goose bumps all and whole, stories that can take your heart out of chest and leave it to ground to feel pain… but few stories are more hurting than these, few stories are more emotional than these……..The story 1: the story unfolds in the operation theater.There is emergency, in the operation theater, air is heavy with anxiety, tension and restlessness…  Suddenly a voice cracks inside Operation Theater, the voice of crying of a baby girl, but wait for a moment.

.. She is being carried away; she is being parted with her mother, being carried away to grave yard to be buried forever… Forever.

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.. It was her destiny, she was a girl, she shouldn’t have lived, she was a girl, she deserved this; she was a girl.

Story 2: it depicts the picture of a grave yard… In grave yard, a corpse is to be burnt, a corpse of a Hindu man, who has passed all years of life, when the corpse catches fire, a young girl is also thrown in it, just because she is wife of deceased, she is to be burnt alive with him, just because she shouldn’t have lived because her husband has died, it was her destiny, she was a girl, she deserved this, she was a girl.Story 3: it takes us out to every common house, a girl comes out of her home she is kidnapped and taken far away from her city to a local land lord’s locality. She is tortured every other day from a different kind of way to be dishonored, but wail fully her reply is in No and a big No.

..  when she tries disposing of and step against mighty landlord, she is treated as if she is an object without feelings or a body without soul, she is to be used, dishonored, exploited, humiliated, burnt, thrown into a ditch and then covered for good… covered for good…. These are not the stories but dirty stained, nerve racking realities of our lives.

I can still hear the shrieks; I can still hear the cries of that innocent, guilty, non-powered girl that says…   “Women empowerment is the need of time”, “women empowerment is the need of time”…. As Faiz Ahmed Faiz said:That girl wants justice, that girl wants her wounds to be healed, that girl wants revenge to be taken, taken against this male dominant society; a revenge against male domination, a revenge against those butchers, a revenge so that other girls are not dishonored. Now the questions rise, how can the revenge be taken against this male domination? How can the female kind raise their heads high in this brutal society? And how can she gain rightful status?  The answer of all of these questions is only one, Give power to women; empower her.

“Women empowerment is the need of time”, “women empowerment is the need of time”….Sir, she would have been treated like this if she had got empowerment? If she had got equality and respect, she would have lost her life?No sir, no these things do nothing but witness to be not given empowerment to women and basics rights, which have been taken away from her..Mr. President: A society where she is groped, harassed and video-taped at every corner? A society where man like hungry ferocious, wolves stare, ogle and gawk at her? A society where every sleazy man is, but waiting to hawk over her and get a morsel of hers whenever he gets a chance? A society where she is bound to be subjugated, patriarched and objectified? And in this society do you still think that women should not be empowered?

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