Women the news about what was happening

Women and children both suffered and were affected by World War One.

Children worked and helped in the war effort such as scouts and guides like Boys Scouts and Girl Guides. It was a youth’s organization to provide assistance to the British War effort. Girl Guides would make medical equipment for wounded soldiers like bandages, swabs and stings. They also worked in farms like growing vegetables, harvesting and delivering milk. Boys Scout helped collect and delivered eggs for troops that were injured. They also helped patrol roads and guard railway lines.

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Moreover, they took air force duties like aircraft spotting like sounding the all-clear signal after an attack, reporting and escorting people to a safe shelter. Boys Scouts also were secret agents that were used to carry and deliver messages for the British secret Service and also wrote messages to soldiers. Boys lied about their age to help with the war and joined the army. Children were also forced to take over the role of men in factories like ammunition factories to help out.

Furthermore, they also delivered newspapers as they were a high demand in newspapers as citizens wanted to know the news about what was happening on the warfront. Children were paid to collect fruits such as horse chestnuts which could be used as explosives and blackberries for making jam for the soldiers despite that, they also knitted socks, scarves for the soldiers fighting during the harsh, cold weather during winter. Children were affected by World War One as they were forced to evacuate out from the city and had an evacuation plan to avoid possible danger on children. Children below the age of 5 and their mothers were evacuated from areas which were dangerous to safer areas.

World War One affected all aspects of children’s lives. Children perception was changed due to the war. They were confused about why there was World War One and why their family members like their fathers were gone. It was too complex and they were not able to understand the complexity of the war. They were also a lot of propaganda directed towards children and children’s writing their own experiences of the war which gave an idea that some children had some relation to the war.

In school works, they discussed and wrote on their experience which showed that children were in fear because of the war and excited as they explored new technologies. Children lives were thought to be normal as usual like helping around the house in cooking and more. But, their lives continued as normal adding in extra protection like wearing a gas mask in case an invasion happened.


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