Without them and their language will forever be

Without properly allowing people to have freedom of expression, people are unable to create their own opinions. Sometimes the use of profanity is needed to get a point across. In certain situations, there are no better words to send the message of a person’s true feelings.

This limits their true potential in expressing themselves. If people do not stand up for Freedom of Speech, then these words will be deprived from them and their language will forever be changed. According to Cuss Time, “Word by single word, our history will be rewritten if we don’t guard and protect it, truth lost to some individual’s idea about what is right or wrong.” (McCorkle 2).

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The author mentions that she was a kid who had gotten her mouth washed out with soap regularly for saying inappropriate words and that those humiliating moments gave her even more motivation to say everything even more. She believes that she would be a better, more confident person if only she had grown up with cuss time instead of soap licking.


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