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Within the years of 1865 and 1900 American Industrial Workers lived through quit hard time as well as good times. Around these years labor unions began to form which created much better lives for the workers.

Nonetheless large groups of immigrants began to flood into America which proceeded to cause threat the balance of jobs or in other words job stability. Both Labor Unions and immigrants had consequential effects on the industry workers. Around the time period after the Civil War many of the working population were killed. The Labor Unions that began forming ordered for better working conditions, such as shorter hours and better pay, as well as just healthier conditions in general. The labor unions did receive some of the things they demanded which helped in some aspects. All Unions formed at the time all had one goal which was to better the American industrial labor pool.

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Some other important unions at the time were the National labor union formed in 1866, the American Federation of Labor and The knights of labor. The Knights of Labor a hidden group, fought for social and economic rebuild. They also fought for organization for health and safety. Just like The national Labor union, they feuded for the eight hour workday. The National Labor Union battled for the compromise of industrial conflict and the eight hour working day.

The union was lucky enough to win the eight hour workday. The American Federation of labor desired for better hours, wages and working conditions. The union also wanted the trade agreements. To be able to be successful in any of these needs and desires Unions went on strike and bargained with employers which slowly but surely led to be given better life styles. Getting employers to agree to the conditions that were desired was not easy and simply just arguing was not enough, Which is was let to strikes. Strikes wer every harmful to employers financially which led to the conclusion that it would be economically better to make compromises and agreements with the workers then to get involved in feuds.

During 1900s The public began to accept the deserved right for workers to orca straight bargains and to go on strike. In the year 1894 Labor Day was passed as a legal holiday by the act of Congress Anyhow their were still several arguments and animosity between the unions and employers there were always feuding going on. The Labor Unions did not have a major impact at first but they pathed the way for the working class to become more confident and have more of a voice in their working conditions and rights. The unions did however accomplish some changes which included less hours, better wages and a national Holiday was passed in honor. Something else that had a large effect on The industrial workers was immigration.

During time of the Civil War the United States was progressively becoming more populated with immigrants. In the 1880s the immigrants were mostly from Western Europe, then in the 1850s the chinese began to arrive. During the 1880s the fairly new immigrants, Slovaks, Greeks, Italians and Poles began to move into America. Workers did not take liking into these new immigrants they looked at them with hatred. The Chinese immigrants primarily settled in the West so they weren’t a major threat for the Industry workers mainly because most workers worked in factories on the east side. However when all the new immigrants came to the US all the industry workers were enraged.

This caused a huge issue because of the Labor Unions that were just formed, the immigrants said they would work for less pay and longer hours so this made the fight the unions brought basically useless. It also caused many of the middle class workers to lose their jobs to immigrants. As these new immigrants kept flooding into the US many Americans began to worry that the country was losing its english importance and was just becoming a mix of “inferior” southerns Europeans. Unions would bash them for their compliance to work such low pay. Antiforeign groups were formed one being called, the American Protective Association which enforced voting against roman catholic successors for office. Soon after this American workers began to argue that if American industry could be protected from foreign industry then the American workers should be able to be protected from foreign workers.

Then in 1882 Congress passed immigration laws because the government was getting complaints and criticism. Then again in 1885 a law was passed that prohibited the importation of foreign workers under contracts. The immigrants indeed took many jobs form the old native Americans. Due to the fact that the immigrants were so eager to take an sort of pay, employers were allowed to offer jobs that were already occupied to the immigrants for lower pay.

Hence the new immigrants were treated with disrespect and had a hard time adapting to the American way of life. One thing that must be remembered is that the flood of immigrants impacted the wealthy class and employers in a positive way. The employers got to pay their workers less which was just an easy way for cheap labor to get done. Among the years of 1865 and 1890, both immigration and Labor Unions had recognizable consequences upon the American worker.

Labor Unions helped the workers because they helped argue for better wages and conditions. Immigration had a bad effect for the workers, this is because it created an in balance for their job security and many of the immigrants were treated badly. Both of the circumstances created a lot of unnecessary tension between employers and their workers. During this time period, American workers went through both good times and hardships because of the fast change in society.


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