With others, instead, the new type of phones—smartphones,

With the rapid development of technology, phones are no longer only used to

call others, instead, the new type of phones—smartphones, provide multifunction

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for the users. People nowadays are able to deal with matters and get themselves

connected to the world, simply by using the smartphones. However, the excessive

use and addiction to the smartphones occupy most of our time, which gradually

isolates us from others and pushes people further apart.

Many have argued that by using smartphones, people are able to avoid the

tension and embarrassment between each other. However, by focusing only on the

phones, we lose the chance to break the ice and socialize with people, which makes

us less active in socializing and more isolated from others. “When we’re deeply

immersed in our gadgets, we miss the chance to make new friendships, renew old

ones, or simply say hello to a stranger.” (Weinstein,2013) Take myself as an example,

I once attended a welcome party, where no one was making new friends or chatting

with others. Because people were busy phubbing their phones to avoid both

socializing and the embarrassment between strangers.

Some people argue that by updating the latest events happening around us on

our smartphones, we are able to constantly be alert to the unsafe situations and

potential criminal around us. However, in fact, smartphones often disconnect us

from the surroundings and other people besides us, which could put us in

dangerous situation unconsciously. “Suspects do target individuals that are using

their smartphones since they tend to be more inattentive to their

surroundings”(Shyy) Take the 2014 Taipei Metro attack for example, according to

the video record of the attack, many victims were those who were focusing on

phubbing their smartphones and unaware of the attack, when those besides them

were already badly injured.

Others argue that smartphones help us to build stronger relationships, since we

are able to keep in touch constantly with those we love, even those who are far

away from us. However, it can be argued that smartphones are actually reducing

the intimacy between people.” Technology allows us to be constantly connected to

the world, but it can also make us even more disconnected from each other.”

(Kerner,2013) Take myself for example, I used to play cards with my cousins in the

Chinese New Year reunion. However, in the recent years, we no longer play cards

together. Instead, we phub our own cellphones respectively.

Finally, some say that the multifunction of smartphones allows us to deal with

many things at the same time. Nevertheless, using smartphones when we are having

face to face conversation actually blinds us from seeing the facial expression and

having eye contact with others, which decreases the quality of conversation and

pushes people further apart.” When we send a text or email, or we post or tweet, we

lose all but what is being said and so there is a lot of misinformation,

miscommunication, and hurt feelings, because we don’t have those other sources of

information that help us imbue some kind of meaning into what somebody is saying.” (Roberts)

In conclusion, the convenience of smartphones is supposed to bring people

closer together, since people are able to get the latest news instantly and

communicate constantly with others, whenever and wherever they are. However,

smartphones usually isolate people from one another, by being a way for us to avoid

socializing and a way to distract us from the people and surroundings around us.

Moreover, with the use of smartphones, people become both less engaged in the

present and the conversations. Therefore, instead of bringing people closer together,

the usage of smartphones actually pushes people further apart.


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