With bill I would be issuing and then

With the process for both laws being my Drug Penalty Act I and for me to request my laws to be put in place, I would first have to hand in the proposal I would be wanting to offer and therefore showing it goes through the house of commons. At the start, with the government it would be going through the first reading as the law starts to be read over the house of commons to see what they would be deciding to issue for me. With the Second reading this would be the first opportunity for the members of the Lords to debate the key principles and main purpose of the bill I would be issuing and then for them to flag up any concerns or specific areas where they think that need any adjustments towards them. Furthermore, with the committee stage this would be where they would still be debating whether my proposal would still be good and wondering if any amendments are required. Moreover, with the report stage this would be when my proposal would be coming close to becoming part of the law and with all of the debating finished. Finally, with the third reading this would be where they would be finalising everything to make sure everything is right and if they are able to come to a final conclusion for the last time.

Secondary legislation is usually concerned with detailed changes to the law made under powers from an existing Act of Parliament. This type of law is because the government doesn’t have enough time to debate every detail of a bill intensely for it to be included in society, the legislative process consists of stages and is too slow for a responsive to an emergency, rules need to be made by those with expert knowledge.

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