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With the introduction of technology, the world around us is changing. The ways in which religion is shared and spread around is bound to be different today then it was 2000 years ago. Staying connected and involved is now in different forms making it easier for people. This all effects the stability of Religions and whether they’ll remain living and dynamic.
Let’s take Hinduism as an example. Hinduism is relevant today despite being the oldest religion in the world. This is because it’s constantly changing, adapting and refining to the changes that have occurred in society. Where most religions are opposed to change, reinventing new ideas and interpretations, Hinduism allows its teachers to interpret it, to confirm that it fits with the needs of the times. Hinduism is most certainly a living religion, with over 1.1 billion adherents worldwide studying from all over the globe.
The first time Religion was introduced to the technological world was through the printing press and the invention of eyeglasses. Prior to the invention of movable type, the only way written documents could be duplicated was manually. This was a painful process, as one little mistake along the way, meant starting all over again. For example, the Bible. The Bible took over several months to copy just one gospel, and was very expensive to do so. However, manually duplicating documents was a task that only a few could undertake. Since most of the population were illiterate, the religious leaders had to do all the hard work. This caused them to have to read and interpret their teachings for their congregation. The invention of movable type helped literacy rates improve. Believers could then separate from the original congregation and form other smaller groups, or study on their own. This created new interpretations of beliefs, and new ideas on how they should be followed. Moving away from the teachings of the religions leaders allowed the believers to gain a more personal approach, to have their own worldview.


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