With al. (2016) reports that most organizations experience

With the increasing online presence of most customers, then businesses should know the appropriate ways of integrating social media into their marketing communication strategies. Research shows that using social media is not then best way of converting direct sales (Gray, 2017).

However, with the appropriate application of social media, a business gains competitive advantage over similar brands. More than sixty percent of client base tend to be on social media platforms (Thompson, 2016). Therefore, tapping into this client base through attractive feeds and the right brand information may drive sales in the future. Maplestone et al.

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(2016) reports that most organizations experience failure when successfully trying to integrate social media within the marketing communication strategies, which affects the overall decision-making framework. Therefore, adoption of the best social integration practices by marketers increases the brand online presence, which may convert into sales in the future. Some of the strategies the business can use to integrate social media with marketing communications include;Identify the target market- most business have failed to identify their appropriate market in social media thus lowering their competitive advantage (Maplestone et al., 2016). However, if organizations have the knowledge of who, where and what time to reach out the overall return on investments through social media adds increases. Thus, driving sales. Increasing consistency – businesses using social media platforms have to be consistent online offering the appropriate information about their brand. Though it may be difficult, having the suitable demographics about the target market is vital and can be achieved through compromise on the nature or content delivered to the potential customers (Gray, 2017).

Finally, social media serves as the best platform to increase intercommunication between business organizations, client base and potential customers. Social media can create a win-win situation for both the client base and the business through improved customer experience since information is shared on a timely basis and customers are more engaged into the business activities and practices (Thompson, 2016). Therefore, exploiting social media improves the efficiency of marketing and sales strategies.


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