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With the fast growing of mobile technology, mobile devices are becoming ever more important due in main to their ubiquity.

With the recent improvements on mobile devices, it has become more useful to people especially in terms of learning. It is now possible to develop applications for mobile phones which can support learning process. Alan Samuel (2014) in his article in Inside Learning Technologies and Skills discussed some of the challenges of responsive e-learning development. The first challenge was quite simply in the sheer number of operating systems and browsers; it was still important to try to narrow the range and specifically identify the primary devices and configurations to target. Another one is usability, two things that came up here are touch friendliness and navigation. Tablets and smartphones are touch devices, so he needed to ensure that interactive elements were both large enough and far enough apart to be comfortably selected. With touch devices, possibilities for gestural navigation also arose.

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So, in addition to providing buttons, he coded in support for a swipe gesture on tablets and smartphones. Lastly, content display. The treatment of content is transformed based on the device size and browser. So an Instructional Designer needs to think how to best alter treatments while ensuring that meaning and relationships between content elements don’t change across layouts, a consistent look and feel is retained and a user-friendly experience is guaranteed. According to him, it is a must to structure and visualize content accordingly. When rearranging content, we needed to be quite careful when handling images.


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