With because of involving million of dollar

With the development of science and technology today , compute is importance for our daily life especially in advance technology today . The number of computer user is increasing everyday . The more people use computer , the more cybercrime will active to take part in . Cybercrime case will keep increasing because of involving million of dollar and other purpose and so on .

They looking to earn more “easy money” from the other people with using those technology skill and doing something crime . Cybercrimer know that computer world is huge because it link globally network and that’s the international market stage that they are looking for . Many hacker or computer crime can access many government official website or business company website very easily and stole many of private information as well as also government secret information . Computer crime nowadays more using many different type of skill to do activity . For example , they will use hardware and software to hack into account or website . Cybercrime also could make many such terrorist activity in this World . For examples , 911 terrorist attack happen in trade centre in United State is because of terriorist hack into the system of flight and successfully control the whole boeing 777 flight.

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On the other hand , cybercrime may also access many website or account without any permission. They could easily hack into your account especially using phishing skill to set up a fake website like bank website or social website so that when you login in to your account thru fake website your password and private info could be steal easily by them . The personal hackers normally will do something to show that they are expert in computer and internet programming while the group crimes is done because of money purposes, like hacking in data and information in many large companies, business organizations or even financial business like stock and bank.There are some of cyber crimes victims nowadys who refuse to make report to authority because they feel they loss amount is too small or they feel embarrassed when report to authority .In conclusion , I hope that government and society can look into this issue very seriously . Computer crime issue should be look now . Action should be taken by authority immediately no matter how small a crime is because other people may learn from the mistakes.

Because thing could getting more worst when it doesn’t find solution and settle immediately .


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