With communicate. Telephone, mail, and system platforms are

With the development of economic power and technological power, people’s communication methods are also changing.

E-communication refers to the communication conducted by people through electronic communication technology, which is now more used in enterprises or jobs. In terms of expression, electronic communication mainly USES video conference, electronic newspaper, Internet and organizational Intranet for communication, which makes the electronic written communication in the organization more than oral communication. Namely use electronic technology platform to communicate.

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Telephone, mail, and system platforms are all forms of electronic communication. In terms of the speed of information transmission, electronic communication strengthens the ability of enterprises to output and recover information in real time, and enables written information to be delivered in the same speed as oral information in face-to-face or telephone manner. In the past, people used to communicate face to face and analyze problems or write letters to communicate with friends or family. Such communication is not only slow but also a waste of time. If something urgent cannot be communicated quickly, it will often delay the important things. But now people can get in touch with their friends and family quickly through Internet technology, such as using popular social software or sending text messages and emails.

It only takes a few seconds to get your message across or to share it with a friend. From the perspective of the scope of communication, electronic communication realizes long-distance and trans-regional instant communication, which facilitates the communication and operation of multinational companies and group companies and greatly reduces the cost. As E communication more and more popular in recent years, more and more people choose through social software to choose to make friends. The popular social software can recognize friends from different countries to increase understanding of different countries. E communication is also used for people network information sharing, resource sharing is an important feature of the network, people surf the Internet to find their needs information, to complete their work or solve the question of life, through the network resource sharing is not only increase the efficiency of information analysis and convenience to People’s Daily lives, and to some extent changed the way people live.

The development of Internet and electronic commerce are changing the way people communicate and deal, E communication is also used in the process of e-commerce transactions. In the past, most people would go to brick-and-mortar stores shopping. It is inconvenient to compare the cost performance of goods in brick-and-mortar stores. However, with the development of electronic communication technology network shopping is more and more popular. People can choose the goods they want without leaving their homes. The description of the goods can be compared conveniently by merchants, such as quality price, style and so on. You can also get answers to your questions from customer service staff on the Internet. That way, you can compare products at home and save people a lot of time.

From the impact of communication, electronic communication enables employees to work at home or other places, and makes it convenient for employees to communicate with other organization employees, which enriches the way people work and increases the employment position in the society and increases the employment rate. Nowadays people prefer online payment or credit card to consume, to get rid of the single cash payment, online payment is the use of advanced technology to complete information transmission through digital circulation and payment methods are using digital way to payment, online payment is a form of electronic payment, it is through a third party to provide with the bank payment interface between instant payment, the benefits of such an approach is that you can put money directly from a user’s bank card transfer to the account of the site, remittances to account immediately, do not need artificial confirmation. For business, the development of Internet technology is a new opportunity and challenge.

Because merchants can use electronic communication technology to conduct reasonable online publicity and marketing, so that customers can increase their understanding of commodities through the Internet. For example, for the hotel industry, traditional hotels can upload hotel photos or room information via the Internet, and discount information can be uploaded to increase customer traffic and attract customers during holidays. If merchants make reasonable use of e-communication, it will not only increase the market competitiveness, but also open up a wider market for themselves and increase more challenges and opportunities.


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