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with so many advantages of gyming or playing any sport or doing yoga people are focusing a lot on their fitness. Everybody wants to look their best- this is human nature.

In the era where more and more people want to become healthy, a simple weighing scale is not sufficient.This is where SHAPE comes to action. Shape is a recently founded company that manufactures the first ever scales that digitizes your body. They scan your body in less than a minute and captures 100s of pictures to create a stunning virtual model that looks just like you. They also tells you how your body changes over a period of time- showing your losses and your gains. About the company This is a Silicon Valley based company which is passionate about design, hardware, software and sports. Their mission is to create products that connect the human body with technology in a magical way.

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Their motive is to transform and enhance the way the world works by bringing futuristic products to life, Products that challenge the status quo, yet are simple to use and understand. They believe in reinventing day by day to create life changing hardware and software. Starting with the first question of design enquiry i.e. what is the problem that inspires the founders of the company? It all started when the CEO of the company, Alex, moved to china. It is quite common to eat rice and noodle in every meal. And because of this sudden change in diet he started to gain weight. After few months, he gained so much weight that his wife actually asked him if he was pregnant.

….. this sounds funny but Alex got so worried that he started to diet and exercise at the same time. After two weeks of intense workout when he stepped on the weighing scale, he was shocked because the scale showed exactly 4 pounds more than his pre-diet weight.

First, he became really frustrated, but then recognized that his body shape and appearance had actually changed a lot. He was definitely leaner and more toned. Then, he finally understood that he had replaced fat with muscles. So, the simple explanation behind his weight gain was that muscle takes less place but weighs more than body fat.This was the time when Alex realised that tracking the shape, surface and volume changes in the body would allow for a much better measure of his progress than a body weight number.


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