With decide. For me, I spend about 20

With so many different new snack options available, it can be hard to decide. For me, I spend about 20 mins of my grocery trip deciding which one to try this time..

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But what if you went to the grocery and you could taste your snacks before you bought it? Well guess what, you can, at Trader Joe’s!THESIS/CENTRAL CLAIM/SPECIFIC PURPOSE: Trader Joe’s is the product of a well-built organizational model that has successfully fostered a chain of neighborhood grocery stores. Their organization constantly seeks for advancement within the business but still focuses on the customer resembling the idea of mom and pop stores of the past. They have continued to be successful because they have defined their mission, and have maintained their organizational culture. The purpose of this project was to analyze the connection between the culture of the organization, and the business methods that have driven Trader Joe’s success. To do so, it was necessary that I 1. Researched as much information about the organization as I could prior to the interview 2.

Ensured that my interview answered any questions that were not found during my initial researchJosh Porter provided insightful information about their culture, and communication.First, Trader Joes CultureAs described earlier is very customer-focused culture, they do not use the point in the right direction method. Rather they take the time to show you their products and even give you an opportunity to try them prior to purchase. Josh also stated that they have a very strong culture of honesty. In which the value of the customer, the team, and the overall business helps to build genuine relationships between them all.Trader Joes is also dedicated to the success of all their crew members.

They provide training to all crew member’s. They train to enhance skills in communication, teamwork, leadership and product knowledge. Because Trader Joes has dedicated this training to all crew members, the turnover rate for the company is roughly 4 percent yearly which is low compared to traditional markets. As successful Trader Joe’s “Crew members” • You possess • Passion• Energy• Enthusiasm • The ability to work hard • are team and customer oriented • Self-driven and motivated The ability to use various communications skills is vital to the success of the business. Trader Joe’s is consistently busy, it is important that everyone knows what is going on, especially when changes happen so frequently. Clear and direct messages are needed so that the sender can interpret appropriately.

While it is important that the receiver actively listens for the keys of the message. They implement varies communication channels but main communication is face to face (Josh describes it as more personal) . They also use Message boards, and emails which are mostly (addressed to management from corporate) to be communicated to the staff. They are also very open to any feedback customers and staff offer.Something interesting that I found was they have a Bell system in which each ring of the bell means something for the crew members.

As well as their jargon, for example Josh who is the assistant manager is referred to as the First Mate, in which all crew members report directly to him, and he reports to the Captain, which is the Manager. Although they have a store level open communication, we can still consider it to be a relatively flat communication system because they are held accountable to following the rules and regulations.An important lesson Trader Joe’s can demonstrate is that a unique culture that is immeasurable when it comes customer service, and the ability to maintain an ambitious business strategy can prepare for the possibility of competitive risk. Their organizational culture provides customers with an experience that is both valuable and hard to reproduce. It’s always harder to replicate who you are, rather than what you do.


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