With guidance throughout my internship period.Last but

With great pleasure, I would first like to thank my school, Republic Polytechnic, Health Service Management for arranging this internship program for me and I would like to also thank Khoo Teck Puat Hospital by recruiting me as an intern to work at Eye Outpatient Clinic.

I again want to thank my parents for the support they have given me. As well as to thank Ms. Renee Kok and Geraldine Raj my liaison officers and my work supervisor Audrey for their ongoing care and guidance throughout my internship period.Last but not the least, I want to thank all my fellow colleagues for their help and the good corporation that they had with me during this internship period, especially Suzi, who is Eye Clinic’s counter in-charge, she will always by my side to give me guidance and care while I work as a counter stuff.

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Other than that, I would like to thank all the patients that I served, they are the reason to keep me going and grow.I am grateful to be given a chance to be part of the Eye Clinic team and I hope that I am able to work with the team again in the future.


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