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With children especially communicating through body language and the way in which one presents themselves is important, if a child feels comfortable around an individual they are better able to express themselves. As a result the relationship can be developed and a stronger bond can be formed.

This is crucial in the role of a Teaching Assistant because making a child feel comfortable and respected impacts positively on their learning. Effective communication between pupil and adult when in a learning environment means that the Teaching Assistant can do their job effectively in order to get the best out of the child, the child will gain a proper understanding of the expectations of a pupil. Treating the pupil in a positive, calm and gentle manner can make all the difference. A child similarly to adults will be able to sense that they are welcome and respected; from this they will know who they can trust rather than feel uncomfortable and begin to close down and give up. Key principles of communication should come into play to build positive relationships; depending on whether this is between children and their peers, children and adults or between adults themselves.

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