Winnipeg General Strike Essay essay

The authorities didn’t do anything about it and the soldiers were getting angry because the industrialists had grown rich selling goods to the army at high prices, and were now doing nothing to help the soldiers. The authorities did not protect the common interest of the workers.

Similar to the point above, the authorities didn’t care that the working conditions for the citizens were not good. The workers’ hours were 60 hours a week and the workers were trying to shorten it to 40 hours.The labor movement began when a group of stern labor leaders formed a big union to unite all the workers in an effort to gain better working conditions, shorter hours and higher wages.

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The authorities saw the exact same thing happen in Russia and the union had overthrown the government, so the authorities were worried that this was going to happen in Canada. The workers went on strike and the authorities thought that the strikers were taking over the city. Therefore, the authorities fired all the police since they were sympathetic to the strikers and put volunteer “specials” in their place.The authorities kept ignoring what the workers wanted, which made the workers stay on the strike. Lastly, the government ordered the workers to go back to their jobs and sent the North- West Mounted Police and army, with machine guns, in case they were needed. The strike became violent when the volunteer anti-strike police charged into a crowd of strikers. The police were hit by rocks, bottles and bricks and that made the government really angry. This lead the government to take action, they arrested 10 strike leaders and put them in prison.

The mayor of Winnipeg read the riot act, which forbade any marches or demonstrations. On June 21st people led a march protesting the arrests. Then the strikers were charged by pistols, and two strikers were killed and thirty were injured.

The actions the authorities took during the strike were not acceptable. In conclusion, this evidence proves that the actions of the authorities were not justified. The authorities should not have just left the soldiers hanging withstood, after the soldiers sacrificed so much.

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