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William Lyon Mackenzie King is the Best canadian Because of The Efforts he put into making Canada great as a politician by Helping get money to those who couldn’t get it and with the hard work he put into making Canada win the second world war and even helping canada politically during one of the hardest wars Canada has fought, and all the work King put into keeping Canada in one piece in the Conscription crisis.William Lyon Mackenzie king was born in kitchener in 1874 “King studied economics and law at the university of Toronto and then in the university of Chicago.

In 1900 King became Deputy Minister for the labour department King won a seat for the Liberal party in 1908 Than King lost the 1911 and 1917 Elections He was one of the few who was against conscription in 1917 after World war one in 1919 King was elected leader of the Liberal Party because Laurier passed away Although the Choice for King to lead was opposed by many because he was against conscription by he tried his best to try to reunite the party and the Liberals won the 1921 Election King focused on making Dominions such as Canada equal to Britain and making tariffs more fare for the prairie farmers but his attempts were futile Even with the loss of farmers the liberals won the 1925 Election however Lord Byng refused the liberals to form the government due to being a minority government sparking another election in 1926 and again King won Despite a scandal involving the Liberal Party King Created the old age pension giving monthly payments to people over the age of 70 however this was not enough change because King lost the 1930 but just before he appointed the first woman senator Election The Liberals Were put back in 1935 after they had dodged the worst parts of the Depression But he was unlucky to be faced to encounter the Second world war and in 1940 King made an Unemployment insuranceNo one was Sure is King had what it takes to lead a country through a war and King struggled what the role of Canada would be in world war 2 King said the war was voluntary and with that he gained the support of Quebec King wish Canada would work more on supplying the war rather than sending in soldiers but the people of Canada refused and enlisted tens of thousands of people Making King have to focus more on the war than he wanted to The Army eventually reached Half a million soldiers Although Canada still had to make massive shipments of supplies on convoys despite the risk of German U-Boats Forcing more work onto Kings shoulders and King implemented both the war measures act and and anyone on the other side could be jailed quickly (For example the mayor of montreal was jailed for 4 years for speaking against the war) in 1940 King was again in the Fight against Conscription King was able to please british Canadians and French Canadian and he won the 1940 Election with a big Majority Government King massively changed the cabinet in order to get more support in the war for all Canadians and King made sure that the Canadian army was distinct from the British army then after France fell King was forced to commit to the war even more than he wanted and Try to influence the UK to let him do more to avoid Conscription but King did not push enough leaving him out of the loopWilliam Mackenzie King was more than just a great Prime minister he was a great war time Prime Minister He had to keep Britain happy and Not annoy the United States with trading for supplies King and Britain also Created an airforce that they predicted in the end would cost $1 Billion dollars (15,963,414,634.15 in Modern day) but it would supply the whole commonwealth with an air force Canada than in 1940 conscripted “Zombies” Soldiers who most of which did not go oversea breaking Kings Promise to be completely against conscription and also sent Britain a Billion dollar gift to create the airforce “Becoming the arsenal of the Empire(2)”  King had to struggle with inflation but with the war came the end of the depression and the creation of a new depression with good supplies being sent off to the military and again people were excited to buy victory bonds however King got a bad reputation for his poor treatment of japanese canadians In the entire war and after d-day the Canadian army was short on infantrymen  King faced the problem of losing french support and force people to fight or cause more casualties and lose British support He was left with no choice and Sent thousand overseas however very few actually made it to the front he made sure of that So In Conclusion William Lyon Mackenzie King is the greatest Canadian because he improved old age living He helped stop people who didn’t want to go to war from war and lead us through on of the hardest times in Canadian History and is still known as being great He helped the Elderly make money in 1926 With the old age Pension and even got the unemployed money in 1940 With Unemployment insurance and managed to not ager quebec and still in the end use Conscription so that is all why Most would say the William Lyon Mackenzie King is the best Canadian Ever.

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