Essay principle made assigned seating at lunch

Essay title: Wild Times at West Mount High Book Report

happened was the principle bannd dances because of a death that occurred at one of the dances.Also, the principle made assigned seating at lunch because of a food fight that happened a while ago.Then Blake Farraby pulled a minor prank on his parents so that he could get a corvette out of them.

Finally, Susan and all the students really wanted to have a dance so they begged the principle and he let them have a dance. The dance had to have high security and teachers everywhere so that there would be no trouble.That dance ended up changing West Mount High School forever.Also, Susan got mysterious love letters in her locker and it ends up to be the guy who killed her dog.I look forward to reading the sequal Easy Answers. I chose this book because When I picked it up and read the description and detail about the book it seemed really interesting.

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I like stories about teenagers in high school because then the problems can relate to me and I enjoy that.Also, the bright red corvette on the cover was very appealing to me.The book has a lot of drama and it has good morals and i love books you can learn something from.Now after reading the entire book, I am very glad i chose it for my book report. I think the author chose to write this book because she's telling a story about what happened at her high school when she was younger.

I also think she heard this story from a close friend and she asked her if she could publish it.Actually, I think she dreamt about this story in a dream and she went along with it and made a book. Finally, I think she made this story up on her own, since she loves to write stories, i'm sure she wrote this story for one of the reasons listed. This book served the purpose of keeping me reading throught the whole entire novel.

The book was so intresting to me I couldn't stop reading it once I started. There were many parts of the book that related to me very much. I really enjoyed reading this book.Also, this book made me realize that high school is not as boring as it seems and

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