Wide Open Jeremy McGrath A man named Jeremy

Wide Open Jeremy McGrath A man named Jeremy McGrath a Supercross legend finds himself to be the best of the best. He has won Seven 250 Supercross championships, two 125’s, one outdoor, and two FIM World Supercross championships. He is now dominating all of Motorcross and is becoming a legend. “Jeremy McGrath is an unlikely champion who became a legend in Supercross, and helped bring the sport out of the backyard and into your living room”. Wining 12 major championships is not the easiest thing ever.

Having almost 3 perfect seasons is even harder. But Jeremy McGrath has accomplished almost all of these. He wants us to understand that the life of a professional rider is not all it is worked up to be, but there are good days then there are bad days and it takes a lot to get to the top.

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He was a young kid who didn’t have a factory ride was from California and had trouble buying a bike. But he rode like a champion, practiced like a champion, and soon found himself rising to the top where he would become a legend in Motorcross. He is the one that brought Motorcross to the level that we see it at today.Jeremy McGrath was born in 1971 and had grown up in California most for of his life, living a normal wild childhood. He had one sister a mother and a dad named Jack. As he was young he had gotten into BMX racing.

He would come home from school everyday and just ride his bicycle around the yard. His dad noticed one day that he was riding his bike pretty aggressively and decided to get him his first bike. The bike had been sitting around Jacks shop for quite a while.

So at age 6 Jack surprised him with a dirt bike. He would stay out and ride figure eight’s in their backyard all day. But after a while the mini bike had gotten old and as soon as age 11 rolled around and he found himself racing his first BMX race. He continued racing BMX for most of his childhood. He had a couple used dirt bikes here and there but nothing special. He competed in BMX for about 3 years.

He had won several championships and was good enough to hold a sponsor and race for a race team. This was where his whole career was starting and he didn’t even know it. In 1985, age fourteen Jack bought him a brand new YZ80. Soon as that 80 came into view Jeremy through the BMX bikes into the back of the garage. He started racing at the local track right around the corner.

Racing was great for him because he got to meet a lot of riders that would push to win, and that’s who you want to ride with. He was winning all the 80 races and was now traveling around California beating all his competitors.Life was hard not having any sponsors and winning almost every race you entered. Jeremy soon moved up to the 125class and still couldn’t get a factory ride. He started racing all around the country and won most of his races.

Loretta Lins, this is like the super bowl of amateur Motorcross was where he finally got noticed and was asked to ride for Honda. Jeremy signed the three-year contract with Honda almost right away. Soon after signing with Honda Jeremy turned pro..

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