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Wicked Angel Angelo Saint, the most delightful, intelligent, handsome young boy who was so loved and adored by his parents and teachers, was everything but saintly. "He hated HER; he would always hate HER. (Caldwell 1)"Wicked Angel by Taylor Caldwell, is a suspenseful and intriguing magnum opus beginning from the very first page; there are no dull moments in the Saint household. Caldwell has a brilliant gift for the creation of characters, as all the characters were so full of life. As depicted in the novel, Angelo Saint is a beautiful psychopath.

Born to a decent family, with parents who adored him, nanny's to play with, and all the attention one could want, little Angelo was not like other boys. His father was right! Angelo could do no evil in his mothers' eyes, but after the disappearance of Angelos' new puppy, and the unexplainable nearly fatal "accident" involving his much hated aunt Alice, Mark Saint (father) had to come to a conclusion. Was his perfect son really a psychopath, or was he just paranoid? In relation to my own writing, I learned the significance of a well developed character. Due to the fact that the author extensively nurtured the characters, the reader feels a close, intimate relationship with each one. "Kathy Saints' love for "people" did not extend to the cleaning woman she employed, who never remained with her for more than two days, or the maids she hired and immediately quit.

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Among these "people" she had a reputation for greed, merciless exploitation, arrogance-what they distinguished as "slave-driving"".

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