Why leadership) from Harvard medical school Boston

Why me? I was so surprised when they announced my name as an In charge at Dow University of health science Pakistan just after completing my master in hematology. This post was intended to be given to the person who is deemed to make the biggest contribution to the field of excellence in health quality, there were many other senior staffs awaited for this position since long but management emphasized on Quality in public service through leadership in health care. The management had faith that I would be the individual who could bring change and positive impact to the field and my experience reflected well in that light.

My role as a In charge at this institution played significant role in perusing further education and experience in health and quality.My interest in the area of safety and quality was more aroused during my post graduate course at the Pakistan institute of quality control and NED University where I studied Health and safety environment. I have keen interest in quality health leadership skills since my first year as a medical student. Moreover. In my past and present experiences I have been associated with a blend of Safety, Quality and leadership. Still I am associated with quality controls and leadership position with national and international experience.

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The most significant factor which played a vital role in my development and skill is SQIL Program. I did SQIL ( safety quality informatics in leadership) from Harvard medical school Boston which was 1 year certification program. This program provided direct access to the world leading regime in Quality and saftey.After successful completion of this program I decided to pursue my further experience and studies in quality and safety and Harvard is the best institution for this field. There are many this which attract me during SQIL the one is Capstone project, the capstone project which I did provide a chance to connect my skills with real life situation in a health care setting.

My major goal in life is to obtain challenging role in a high quality health care setting where my extensive experience and academic skills will add value to organizational operations. My core intervention to achieve this goal is to maser my academic and professional skills and Master in health and quality is the key step to finger cross for this goal. After completing my master in quality and safety from the best institutions that is Harvard my goal will to be work in an organization that will challenge me fuhrer and allowing me to contribute to the ongoing growth and success of the organization.

The intervention to achieve this goal is to contribute my best in my Academic and professional skills at Harvard medical school.The reason for applying for this program is not only to get international exposure in safety and quality but there are multiple reasons behind this interest .Firstly I believe that this program will help me in broaden my thinking and knowledge and I will get opportunity to polish my skills.

In today’s world to achieve excellence in Quality and safety, there is really need of competent and knowledge generating people and I am sure this program will give me a chance to further develop myself academically and intellectually. Secondly I have a vast experience, management and leadership work experience . I do hope this program will definitely help me to enhance my leadership skills which will ultimately benefit my country. Thirdly I am particularly keen to study this in Harvard medical school because of your reputation of excellence in these fields. The international reputation of the school attracts such a variety of students and medical school also provide excellent learning environment with different strategies which demonstrate the commitment of expert faculties.

I have always keen interest to facilitate my own native land in order to serve more efficiently and effectively to provide them the best world class facilities on their doorstep. People travel to the cities over a long journeys of not less than a day to get the good services. Even then they are unable to get the services they deserve. We are still out of reach to the technological and services advancements due to lack of awareness and educational backgrounds.I need to pursue this golden opportunity to make possible to the people of my area of underdeveloped as I belong to an area which was landlocked and full of natural beauty. Unfortunately my nation is still unprivileged of “Quality services ” especially in healthcare and leadership.

Although new generation attained good quality education but still unprivileged regarding quality and leadership. Being a son of farmer from an area of underdeveloped I wanted to take the opportunity to be part under the umbrella of highest quality educational leader the greatest, The Harvard.


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