Why health facilities. As a result, about 80%

Why is medicine important to you?Health is the most essential factor which makes a person to stay alive. In fact, the country in which I grew up could not provide enough health facilities for the people.

The economic status in which the country is affects the people from getting enough access to their healthcare. Living in a developing country affects the people by not making essential services for the people. Ethiopia is one of the developing countries that has not be able to full fill all the necessary facilities for the people.

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From all the different necessities in which the country does not full fill healthcare is one of the essential facilities in which the country does not provide enough services for the people.Specially a place around a countryside in which more than 75% of the population live on does not have enough health facilities. As a result, about 80% of all people died every year because of the luck of healthcare. Children and women are the most affected group of people who lost their lives every year. At least 100 infants died and more than 200,000 died as a result of lucking healthcare.If the country keeps losing these much numbers of people over time, it will be hard to develop and also to create an environment in which the society can live safely.

As a result, I want to help my country and the people by developing my knowledge about health. I want to save millions of life who suffered from different diseases.Diseases in which can be cured if there is enough facility and enough number of health force. Being able to save a child’s life


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