O; the Magi;, O; Henry also shows

O; Henry;s ;The gift of the Magi; is a story about true love and selflessness.

Anyone who reads the story for the very first time may mistake it for a fairy tale because of its title. The author calls his story ;The gift of the Magi; because he wants to emphasize value of the gift and appreciate the characters: Jim and Della.The value of the gift is emphasized in the story. Della sells her ;cascade of brown waters; to buy Jim a platinum chain. Jim sells his gold watch which is inherited from his forefathers to buy Della the tortoise shell combs. It is not about the material value of the gift even though both givers in the story have sold their most precious belongings in order to achieve it.

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It is the sentimental value that does matter. The couple;s love for each other is their motivation for being willing to give something which can bring happiness to their sweetheart. It is said in the story that Della ransacks the stores for Jim;s present but the gift is not really found in a store or under a tree. It comes from the hearts of who really truly love each other. The gifts are selfless and beautiful. O; Henry compares Jim and Della to the most famous gift givers of all, the Magi. With those priceless presents, they are the Magi for each other.

They give without expecting anything in return.In ;The gift of the Magi;, O; Henry also shows his appreciation of Jim and Della. He calls this couple the Magi in the last line of this short story.

;Of all who give and receive gifts, they are wisest, everywhere they are wisest. They are the Magi.; The Magi traveled far and wide to bring the baby Jesus wonderful gifts.They did not mind the difficulties which.

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